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Friday, February 29, 2008

Anemones and Weeds

I think these have to be the nicest flower pictures I've taken, even if several of them are weeds. :P A pretty anemone.
Anemones and Weeds 1
A random weed I discovered in the yard. Unless it's not a weed and someone has a name?
Anemones and Weeds 2
And another bunch of weeds.
Anemones and Weeds 3
I don't mind that they're weeds since they sure look nice.


  1. Just browsing through your blog. Those weeds are actually really nice and sour at the end of the stem, I have no idea what they are called either but if they grow back take one of the stems and suck/chew on the bottom of it, nice and tangy. I miss those weeds!

  2. Shanyag,
    You're braver than me. The weeds have come back, but I don't dare put them in my mouth.


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