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Monday, February 11, 2008

Blood Orange Granita

Blood Orange Granita 1

The moro blood oranges were so stunning, I just had to make a granita out of them. A granita is an Italian semi-frozen dessert of sugar, water, and flavorings.

The blood oranges were sweet enough on their own though that I didn't add anything. Just pure-squeezed moro blood oranges.

Blood Orange Granita 2
Blood Orange Granita

You'll need:
As much freshly squeezed blood orange juice as you'd like, frozen

Then, with a fork or knife, break the frozen juice into large chunks. Coarsely chop in a food processor or blender. If you don't have one, you can mash it with a fork until the granita is the consistency you'd like. Serve on hollowed out halves of blood oranges if you wish.

Blood Orange Granita 3

Another gratuitous shot because I think it's just so pretty.

Blood Orange Granita 4

Or you can serve the blood orange granita in glasses.

Blood Orange Granita 5

Still so pretty either way.

Blood Orange Granita 6


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  1. Wow, that sure is pretty. The color makes me happy and for that reason alone, I'll be making it ASAP! Nice work.

  2. This serving idea is so great and simple. And I like simplicity. There's no washing up;-)
    Adorable. Beautiful. And for sure extremely delicious.

  3. The color is such a pretty one. I like the idea of this simple dessert!

  4. Nice use of those orange "cups".

  5. We're on a blood orange high too! Love both your recipes, especially the granita. It's beautiful with your display in the peel cups!

  6. Omg I'm so moving to Cali. $1/lb for blood oranges?! They're $2/lb here on sale at grocery store and I bet they aren't as good as market ones. So cute you served it in the orange skins.

  7. Brilynn,
    I'm all about simplicity. ;)

    I hope you do. Blood oranges are so fun to play with with.

    You caught me. I hate doing the dishes. :P

    The pictures don't really do the colors justice, it's much brighter in person.



    You know I keep giving you reasons to come visit right? ;)

  8. I have that same plate, and in pink too! The granita holders look gorgeous against the plate.


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