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Monday, December 03, 2007

This is How I Party Or How to Have a Korean Barbecue at Home

Alrighty folks, remember the last time I showed you pictures of how I like to party?
Korean BBQ 1
Except, unlike that time where my cousins ate and left, these friends helped cook and even washed my dishes afterward. :P And every time I say that, whenever I have people over for dinner, they feel the need to "show up" the previous person and insist on washing my dishes too! Oh man! If I had known it was that simple, I would have spoken up sooner! :) The theme was obviously Korean barbecue. I made the kalbi and bulgogi, seafood pancake, and tiramisu. They brought spicy pork bulgogi, kimchee, cinnamon punch, and lots and lots of panchan (side dishes). Seafood pancake.
Korean BBQ 2
Spinach, bean sprouts, daikon slices, and seaweed.
Korean BBQ 3
Soon dubu chiggae (Korean soft tofu stew).
Korean BBQ 4
Kalbi on the grill, actually griddle. But it worked fine for this.
Korean BBQ 5
Radish and napa cabbage kimchee.
Korean BBQ 6
Cinnamon punch.
Korean BBQ 7
And a look back at everything.
Korean BBQ 8
My recipes in case you'd like to have a Korean barbecue at home too: Baechu kimchee (Korean pickled napa cabbage) Banh Xeo-ish Pajeon? Or Pajeon-ish Banh Xeo? (Vietnamese Crepe-ish Korean Pancake? Or Korean Pancake-ish Vietnamese Crepe?) Bok Choy Kimchee (Korean pickled bok choy) Bulgogi and kalbi (Korean barbecued beef and short ribs) Daeji bulgogi (Korean spicy pork) Dubu Chorim (Korean fried tofu with soy sauce) Fried rice with kimchee and Spam Gaenip/Kkaenip kimchee (Korean seasoned perilla/sesame/shiso leaves) Ggakdugi kimchee (Korean pickled radish/daikon) Kimchee pajeon (Korean kimchee pancake) Kong namul (Korean seasoned soy bean sprouts) Soon Dubu Kimchee Chigae (Korean soft tofu kimchee stew) Sukju namul (Korean seasoned mung bean sprouts) ***** 1 year ago today, doughnut bread pudding.


  1. WHAT!!!! without me???!!!! :( you knooooow how much i love your korean bbq!!!

    mmm my mouth waters just looking at pics!!!

  2. Nice pics. Can't wait to hear about how you used that electric skillet for your bbq! I never thought those things would get hot enough, but from you pics, it looks like it does! Ingenious!

  3. of course we love you..i've just been out for few days thats why..anyways i already posted my random question..by the way why you didnt tell me the date of this korean barbeque party..i could have been on this feast..snif snif..i love korean barbeque!!!!

  4. it that the skillet from my fam?

  5. Oooh you're a woman after my heart! I love tiramisu!! And Korean bbq too!

    Yes, I do more than just dishes. I aim to please :)

  6. Definitely a drool-worthy table, WC! You could just leave this post as is and we'll just all come by and admire it :-)

  7. Lil' sis,
    I froze some kalbi for you. But this batch actually wasn't as good as what you already have. :)

    I tried it out for a VNese beef dinner recently and it worked really well!

    Ha! I've seen pics of your dinner parties lady! They put mine to shame.

    Anonymous t,

    For dipping? We didn't use any. The meat and panchan has plenty of flavor on its own.

    Yes, but what do you do besides dishes? ie. What's in it for me? You get fed, and well too I might add, what do I get? ;)

    Hehe. Thanks! But I'll include some more info. :)

  8. I agree with Lil Sis, "you had Korean BBQ without me?!" Thanks again for your entertaining inspiration WC, you always show me how to throw a party! Also, I didn't comment the first three times I read your TV Dinner post, but I loved it. You are hilarious! I am lucky to be a reader of WC.

  9. gulp, I'm literally drooling at your pictures. are they all home-made???Gosh I'm jealous, you're one good cook.

  10. i recognize some hands in those pictures. what a feast! it was a great meal with great company. :9 :9 :9

  11. PE,
    Hehe, You read my turkey dinner post three times? It wasn't that funny. :D

    The meats were all homemade. The panchan was store-bought but I've got banchan recipes coming up!

    It was great fun! Thanks for bringing the kimchee. I ate it all!

  12. I love dinner parties where the guests do most of the cooking. My favorites are shabu shabu and sukiyaki.


  13. hoooolley shamoley...if I didn't read your post, I would've thought you were at some awesome new restaurants...I gots to do this myself. Didn't it get a little greasy with the electric griddle? I can't even cook an egg on mine without it splattering stuff on the walls.

  14. oh man look at that korean bbq! wow!

  15. I wash the dishes next time? ;-)

    Look good!

  16. W&S,
    It was! Wish you were on this side of the pond!

    I did hot pot last time! :)

    Mine is slightly tilted with a drip gutter and tray so a lot of the grease is reduced this way.


    Washing my dishes is expected. ;)


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