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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Seaworld Seafood Restaurant BBQ & Dim Sum To Go - Rosemead

As I said, I've stopped off at Seaworld Seafood Restaurant BBQ & Dim Sum To Go in Rosemead twice now for my brother's wedding and my dad's 60th birthday party. It's a separate entrance, just to the left of the restaurant's main door. It's great for when I want restaurant-quality dim sum for take out.

Mmm. Roast ducks displayed in the window. One duck is $12.95. Right now this is my favorite roast duck to-go place. The marinade has a slight honey flavor, not dark and soy saucy like Sam Woo's.

I got 1/4-lb of roast pig for $3.50.

And half a roast duck for $7.

There's a checklist of various dim sum items that you can order. The cashier then goes into the restaurant and gets your food from the dim sum carts. On weekdays, it's $1.60, weekends are $1.70. Yes, you saw that right. Four har gow (Chinese shrimp dumplings) were $1.60, 3 baked char siu bao (Chinese barbecued pork buns) were $1.60.

Three hom sui gok (Chinese sticky rice and pork dumplings) and 3 fried taro pork dumplings, each again only $1.60 on weekdays.

Even if it wasn't the cheapest dim sum I know of, I think it's still loads better in quality than other to-go places such as Yum Cha Cafe in San Gabriel or Dim Sum Express in Monterey Park.

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Seaworld Seafood Restaurant BBQ & Dim Sum To Go
8118 Garvey Ave., #A
Rosemead, CA 91770
626- 288-2898 or 626-288-2989

1 year ago today, chili (the soup and not the pepper, although I did include an awful lot of peppers anyway).


  1. i wish i could have some dim sum now. wish that i lived closer to an area with a variety of asian restaurants. sucks living out in the sticks.

  2. bluang3lbby,
    Aww, no chance of moving out of Louisiana?

  3. nah I live in North Carolina now. will be a while before I can move out. but Louisiana probably have better choices in dim sum. while in NC, i only know of 2 and both are 2 hours away from where I currently live.

  4. bluang3lbby,
    Oh man, yeah, NC is wayyy too boondocks for me.


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