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Monday, December 31, 2007

I Ate What? 2007 Eating Out Roundup

While many of you are probably reflecting on what you've accomplished this year, I have no deep ruminations for you. Instead, how about reflecting on a year of eating out? Anyone else got any favorites to add to the list? Perfectly Sweet - Alhambra 1The prettiest. From Perfectly Sweet - Alhambra. Panda and Puppy Ramen 2The cutest. Puppy and panda-faced ramen. Pa Pa Walk 10The smelliest. Stinky tofu from Pa Pa Walk - San Gabriel. The funniest. Semen tea from 85 Degrees C Tea House in San Gabriel. Wing Hop Fung Traditional Chinese Medicine Luncheon 7The healthiest. Bird's nest from a Chinese herbal luncheon sponsored by Wing Hop Fung. Uzbekistan - Los Angeles 9The most exotic (in theory if not actuality). From Uzbekistan - Los Angeles. The weirdest. Frog fallopian tubes!!! I'm saving the explanation of this dish for my newest post in the new year. ;) Happy 2007 everyone! Here's to another year of great eats. ***** 1 year ago today, my unsophisticated wine palate and travel memories of Sirens Valley wine caves in Hungary.


  1. Well, no one can say that you haven't an enlarged horizon when it comes to food experiences! It's a terrific list, WC, and with photos too! Happy New Year!

  2. oh my God! Can you kindly explain what is semen tea??? and what do frog fallopian tubes taste like? I'm very very intrigued :)

  3. Semen tea.

    I'm really resisting the urge to say something inappropriate.

  4. Nikki,
    Of course photos. Posts are boring without photos. :)

    The semen tea post is the 85 Degrees link. And as for frog fallopian tubes, I'll get to that in the next post. :)

    Please do. I didn't get nearly as many dirty jokes as I was expecting. ;)

  5. WC--thanks for doing the "work" so we don't have to...like trying the frog fallopian tubes. I'll wait for the post, but I hope it includes the mindset of the first person to say...."hmmm...fallopian tubes...think I'll make some for dinner".

  6. haha.. I like this post! So many adventures that u had with food! =)

    Cheers to more!

  7. happy new year to you!!

    i love the ramen..its sooo cute :-)

  8. Semen tea and frog fallopian tubes?? heheheheheheheh! Happy New Year!

  9. the frog fallopian tubes don't look like fallopian tubes =(

    false advertising

  10. Is that beauty a real rose? Is it ok to eat?

  11. Mary Ruth,
    I always do wonder how someone decides to eat some of the crazy things they do! And trust me, if I had known what they were, I'm not sure I would have tried it.

    Heh, glad it amused you.

    I bet the ramen would be a it with your baby. :)

    Yup. :)

    Gross! I don't want them to look like fallopian tubes.

    Happy New Year to you!

    Yes, it was a real rose. I removed it before cutting the cake though.


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