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Friday, December 07, 2007

Dubu Chorim (Korean Fried Tofu with Soy Sauce)

Dubu Chorim (Korean Fried Tofu with Soy Sauce)
A chori is a dish that's been cooked in soy sauce until the flavors are infused. When cooking tofu, I keep it simple by frying the tofu first and then after it's crispy adding a few dashes of soy sauce so it doesn't become overly salty. Dubu Chorim (Korean Fried Tofu with Soy Sauce) You'll need: Silken tofu, however much you'd like sliced about 1/2-inch thick Soy sauce A few slivers of sliced green onion Oil for frying Slice tofu about 1/2-inch thick. Pan-fry on medium-high heat until browned. This should take a few minutes. Carefully flip with a spatula. Then add a few dashes of soy sauce on each slice of tofu and a few slivers of sliced green onion so they saute while the other side of the tofu is browning. Serve on small plates. Enjoy! ***** 1 year ago today, Why Oregon Will Always Be Home, and Tillamook Cheese and oyster burgers.


  1. Mmm....simple and delicious! Love the plate design with the pastel green and shades of gray.

  2. ETE,
    Yup. It's a lazy recipe and lazy post. ;)


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