Friday, December 28, 2007

Cinnamon and Coriander Chocolate?

Gingerbread chocolate, with crunchy gingerbread pieces. I can get with that. Winter Fruit and Nut ie. pear and apple, not that unusual either. But cinnamon coriander chocolate? Ack! I tasted the cinnamon, but the coriander was just soooo weird! Are you telling me the Swiss really eat this stuff?

I tried other flavors from this brand before - chili pepper, lemon and black pepper, and tiramisu.

Found for 99 cents at the Target after-Christmas sale.


  1. Ick! That does sound weird. Maybe you could break up the chocolate and make a strange chocolate chip cookie. Or melt it down and dip something into it that would be complimentary to it.

  2. I got a pkg of the chili/chocolate too, but haven't tried it yet. I'm too "candied-out" from the holidays! Maybe some rainy day in March.

  3. Marvin,
    I was thinking of a mole sauce?

    Mary Ruth,
    Me too! Seems like I've been eating all month long.

  4. I love chilli chocolate but hmmm...cinnamon-coriander??? urghggh. The cinnamon could be ok but the coriander sounds just plain weird.

  5. W&S,
    I didn't know you liked chili chocolate. I thought I was the only one. :P

  6. Most likely not Swiss, just a trendy chocolate gimmick. I'm half Swiss, and have never heard of something that bizarre. Real Swiss chocolate is milk chocolate.

    But chili chocolate is pretty darn good too :P

  7. Sara,
    The company is Swiss, although the flavors are definitely different. :P


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