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Monday, October 18, 2010

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice)

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 1

It's a thank you paella. Well, technically it's paella Valenciana, but it was made as a gesture of appreciation. Unlike seafood paella, the Valencian version is land-based so there's chicken, sausage, snails (supposedly the garden variety, but I had big sea snails on hand for Vietnamese snail noodle soup), artichokes, green beans, butter beans, and peas.

And of course, all cooked together in a pan of saffron rice.

As I was saying, I injured my foot earlier this month. I stepped on something in my kitchen, and you know how you place one foot on top of the other to dislodge it? Well, without looking to see what it was, that's what I did. All of a sudden, I felt something wet, looked down, and saw a big pool of black. I stupidly stared as it got bigger and bigger, wondering how I spilled soy sauce, when I realized that I had cut myself with a jagged piece of glass. I had recently broken a jar and apparently missed a piece in the clean-up. And in attempting to dislodge it from the the bottom of one foot, I had jabbed the glass deeply into the top of the other foot.

Luckily, I had just washed my kitchen towels so I wadded up a dishcloth to staunch the blood. It soaked up fast! So I folded up another dishcloth for padding, then rolled a third to tie into a makeshift tourniquet. That seemed to do the trick and the blood stopped gushing out.

I hobbled over to my living room and sat there with my foot elevated on the arm of the sofa. A few minutes after I sat down, my youngest aunt knocked on my door with my youngest Argentinian girl cousin. Oh, was she in town visiting, I asked? Nope. She and her husband had enough of Michigan's cold winters and decided to move to SoCal two months ago. Huh?! Sooo random!

After my aunt and cousin left, I messaged Tony of SinoSoul because freak accident + unexpected visitors = randomly weird evening. Instead, he freaked out himself, so he and the missus left the movie theater, and promptly appeared on my door step with hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic cream, and butterfly bandages.

Awww. With friends like that, obviously I needed to thank them with something special.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 2

I tried not to make too much of a deal of it, but the cut was actually quite deep and I hobbled around for a week because I couldn't put any pressure on my foot. I mean, sure I could've asked for help, but it was really touching to have friends who responded quickly without prompting.

The inspiration for this dish actually came from these pans.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 3

Technically, they're not paella pans since they have curved instead of sloped sides. I bought them from the thrift store for $9.95 the last time I was in Oregon visiting my parents. They're made in Yugoslavia and are missing a handle that is detachable and can attach to all three pans. Anyone know what they're used for? I figured I could make paella or German Oven Pancakes or individual Banh Mi Hot Ga Op La (Vietnamese French Bread with Sunnyside-Up Eggs).

I chose to make paella Valenciana because the ingredients were already in my kitchen, as opposed to going out to buy shrimp and mussels for the seafood version. Actually, except for the saffron in the recipe, I could totally see how people said Creole Jambalaya with Chicken and Sausage arose from paella.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 4

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice)
Inspired by Wikipedia's paella Valenciana

For a 10-inch pan, which serves 4 to 6, you'll need:
Half a dozen saffron threads, soaked in 1 cup hot water
1 small onion, diced
1 small sausage of your choice, about 1/4 lb, cut into 1/4-inch coins
1 small chicken boneless breasts or thighs, about 1/4 lb, diced
3 Roma tomatoes, cut into wedges
1/2 cup butter beans
1/2 cup artichoke hearts
1/4 cup green beans, cut into 2-inch segments
1/4 cup peas
1 1/2 cups uncooked rice
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup snails

Soak saffron threads in 1 cup hot water. I accidentally pulled out too many saffron threads, so it's up to you how many you want to use.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 5

Dice 1 small onion and saute in olive oil on medium heat until softened.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 6

Dice and slice the sausage and chicken and add it to the pan.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 7

When the meats are slightly charred, add two tomatoes, reserving the third for later.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 8

Add the butter beans, green beans, peas, and artichokes.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 9

Then add 1 1/2 cups rice. Traditionally, bomba rice is used for paella, but the short round grains reminded me of Japanese rice, so that's what I used.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 10

Add 1/2 tsp salt and saute the rice until it's evenly mixed with the meat and vegetables in the pan.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 11

Add the snails last so they don't overcook.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 12

Then pour the saffron water into the pan and let the mixture cook on medium-low heat. You want just enough water that you can see it at the point of the mixture, but not to the rim of the pan.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 13

The paella takes about 30 minutes to cook.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 14

Check every once in a while to make sure it hasn't burnt or if more water needs to be added, but ideally, you shouldn't need to disturb the pan. When the paella is almost ready, arrange the third tomato wedges into an attractive shape.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 15

Is it pretty? :)

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 16

Plate and serve to friends to thank them for taking care of you.

Paella Valenciana (Spanish Valencian Pan Rice) 17


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  1. hi wc - that's great to have awesome friends like that...so sweet of them. i hope your foot is fully healed now.

    this recipe looks really good - i've never had paella with those particular ingredients (snails, artichokes, lima beans). I've only made paellla 3x and it's one of those dishes where it gets better everytime it's made. at least for me because i learned from my first mistakes.

  2. It's really beautiful! Are butter beans traditionally in paella? I love butter beans - just makes the dish better in my opinion. I hope your foot is healing up, I know it's so hard to heal a wounded foot because you HAVE to walk. I had a bunonectomy (I know, you'd think I was an 80 yo lady) and I was on my back for a week and then limping for another few months after that.

  3. This looks delicious - and is beautiful as well! Not sure I'm adventurous enough to add the snails, though. May have to substitute with some shrimp!

    Hope your foot is better! But just think - no cut foot = no amazing paella!

  4. Yikes! Hope your foot is better now..and so glad you have great friends to come to your rescue! ^_^ What a great way of thanking them! I really can't wait to make this (as soon as I can figure out where to get snails) -- Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Beautiful pictures, WC! Hope your foot much much better now!

  6. Ooooh paella! I love the stuff. I haven't made it in ages because I didn't have a proper pan - that and the photos of one of my friends' mother's paellas was a bit too intimidating (she is Spanish. Her paellas are to die for.)

    But now I might have to try!

  7. Love the recipe! It seems like it's going to taste delicious, but to be honest, after you told us how you injured your foot, I didn't absorb much else. Literally I was kind of freaking out for you. Glad to hear Tony and his wife helped you out! Hope your foot is better!

  8. my family back home love Paella Valenciana ...it's a more simple recipe but yours look so delicious!

  9. Have you changed cameras while I was gone? These images are so crisp, the colors vivid...I'm not even a huge paella fan (though I do like fideua) and yet these shots are make me hungry!

  10. Oh no! A freaky foot injury!!! So, you injured both feet?! Yikes. All better now?

  11. CC,
    All better now. Thanks for asking. I've only eaten seafood paellas, but when I was trolling my pantry looking for ingredients, paella Valenciana was what I could do.

    Butter beans are in paella Valenciana! The foot was hard to walk on for a while because the injury was on the curve and I couldn't put pressure on it. I was so surprised that a cut would affect my ability to walk!

    Union Street Eats,
    I loove snails, but sure, shrimp is a good substitute.

    It was the least I could do after they took such good care of me.


    Well, this isn't quite the proper paella pan either, but it worked great. I bet a regular saucepan would've been fine too.

    I was totally thinking I would gross people out with that story, but what can I say, the gross out story and the paella were intertwined!


    Nope. Same old camera. Just sometimes the recipe is particularly good so the photos seem to pop out more than others.

    No, just my left foot. But all better now!

  12. great, the most tipical is seafood paella valenciana, but this taste and ingredients are valid too, thera are many kinds of paellas in Spain, love yours ;-DD

  13. Maria,
    Thanks! I love seafood paella, just haven't gotten around to making it yet.


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