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Monday, October 04, 2010

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 1

Three years ago, I attended a traditional Chinese medicine luncheon hosted by Wing Hop Fung. While, the luncheon was certainly an experience, I was more interested by the Wing Hop Fung story. What began as a mom-and-pop shop in Chinatown in 1985 has grown into an operation with two stores of 20,000 and 18,000 square feet selling Chinese medicinal products, teas, gifts, and fine wine.

The children of the original owners gradually took on their parents' business. The daughter works out of the Chinatown location, while the son is often in the Monterey Park store. He was interested in wine and thus began acquiring it to sell. A store selling traditional Chinese medicine side-by-side with fine wine? This I had to see. Especially, when I read that they also hold wine tastings.

 Wing Hop Fung is located next to Capital Dim Sum & BBQ. A few years ago, I finally stopped in to check it out.

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 2

Whoa! When they said they had the largest selection of fine wine and liquor in the San Gabriel Valley, they weren't kidding. Their website boasts that they also have the entire The Macallan Portfolio Fine & Rare from 1926 onward.

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 3

For some reason, I thought they were holding a wine tasting that day, but no one was sniffing or swirling wine.

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 4

I saw the son and asked about it. He said they weren't, and he was in the middle of discussing something with their wine guy, but he poured me a glass of wine anyway. How nice!

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 5

After I finished my glass, I walked around the store a bit. Here's some of the traditional Chinese medicine half of the store.

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 6

Fish maw and other unidentifiable items.

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 7

The teas come dried by the pound or packaged.

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 8

Piggy teapot!

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 9

So cute! With a baby piggy as the lid holder.

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 10

Though Wing Hop Fung has a large selection of traditional Chinese medicine and wine, I'm really more about the kitchenware.

Various items I've picked up through the years. A light-weight cast iron wok, $8, and tiger mugs, $3.19, for my niece and baby M3, who were both born in the Year of the Tiger.

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 11

Two pairs of jade chopsticks with turtle chopsticks rests, $3.99. They had other animals, but I thought the turtles were cutest. I ended up giving a box to my sister-in-law since she likes turtles too.

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 13

Pretty tea set, $19.99, with macarons from Patisserie Philippe in San Francisco, courtesy of Gourmet Pigs, who bought me a box of half a dozen.

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 12

All tea sets were 20% off during a July 4th weekend sale. So while I already had a pale blue teapot set, I really couldn't resist this gorgeous cerulean tea set, $29.99, but 20% off, so $23.99. This was the set I really wanted, but thought it was too expensive so I bought the pale blue one first.

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 14

And this lotus bud set was $7.99, only $5.99 after the discount! With the wooden box. After I bought it, I came back thinking maybe I should get some more for gifts, but they were all sold out. The photo doesn't show it so well, but the color is really a very light chartreuse.

Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park 15

Sometimes I stop in from time to time just to check out the kitchenware, but definitely stop in if you're interested in Chinese medicine, tea, or wine.

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Wing Hop Fung
725 W. Garvey Ave.
Monterey Park, CA 91754
10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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  1. Next time you see a sale of the cast iron tea pots here, let me know! :) Bummed I missed it last time

  2. These tea pots are gorgeous, and the piggy tea pot is especially adorable. Makes me wish I drank more tea...

  3. Wow, that's a really large collection of tea pots you have there! I like Wing Hop Fung, it's a nice store to go when I'm in Monterey Park.

    I think the unidentifiable items are probably sea cucumber? The first picture of the "Chinese medicine" side I see dried abalone and mushroom and some other things.

  4. Wow - LOVE the jade chopsticks - so beautiful!

  5. Thanks to this post, I also checked out the branch on Broadway, in LA's chinatown. Wonderful! Great tea's, foods and medicines. And the chopstick with the turtle rest ARE the cutest!

  6. GP,
    I bought my nice cast iron teapot from TJ Maxx/Marshall's for $12.99.

    I love, love, love my blue teapots.

    I know. I'm such a pack rat, but I like all of them. I think so? Dried sea cucumbers?

    I haven't been to the one in Chinatown. I need to use my chopsticks in some food shots. That's what I bought them for, but I forget to bring them out when it's time to eat. Hence, why they never appear in photographs.


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