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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whoa! Dragon Fruit!

10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 1

After photographing my dragon fruit flower abundance in August, I forgot all about them.

On October 2, I noticed that the fruit were almost ripe.

10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 2

Finally ready for picking!

10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 3

I've never seen them clustered together in so many bunches before. Altogether, I counted 44 dragon fruit and blossoms.

10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 4

That's way more than the dragon fruit bumper crop of 2009.

10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 5

So many!

10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 6


10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 7

Other garden updates.

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  1. They are so pretty and vibrant! I envy your green thumb :(.

  2. Wow... I didn't know that they came from that plant. I have a similar plant in my garden, except I don't think it produces dragon fruit. It has very pretty flowers though.

  3. Amazing - they look so much better than the ones we get here! Do you ever make anything with them (aside from eating raw)? Do they make a good jam or are they used in salads?

  4. Phuong,
    It's not really me. My oldest uncle planted it. I just water it occasionally. :P

    Look in my garden index for night blooming cereus. Those are similar flowers, but not fruit.

    I mostly eat them raw, although I did roast a Cornish game hen ala "Like Water for Chocolate." I forgot about it and burnt it though so the pictures aren't too nice. I'll have to make it again with new photos.

    I sometimes use them in fruit salads, but that's about it.

  5. would like to know how they get pollinated. are they pollinated by hand using a paintbrush or are they pollinated by bees? their so many.!!!!

  6. James Billy,
    Bees! In some of my blossom pictures, you can see bees hovering inside the flower. Bees love them.


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