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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Barbecue

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 1

I asked cousin Q's older brother if he was going to throw a Memorial Day barbecue. It's tradition! I said.

Since when?

Since he hosted last year's Memorial Day barbecue! And every other year, right? I have proof! I can go back through the blog and prove it, I insisted. Except, umm, when I did go back, I realized 2008's Memorial Day barbecue was hosted by my brother and 2007's Memorial Day barbecue was held at my oldest uncle's house.

Oops. :P

Maybe I confused it with when cousin Q's older brother hosted the July 4th barbecue?

So let's make it a tradition! Yeah? :P

He was grilling chicken, steak, and veggies when I arrived. One of my third-cousins came up from Orange County and helped me make Bruschetta al Pomodoro (Italian Tomato Bruschetta),

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 2

Insalata Caprese (Italian Capri Salad - Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella),

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 3

and Sangria with Red Wine. I used the last of my kumquat liqueur from Corfu, Greece, which added some sweetness and booziness to the sangria.

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 4

Poor Pablo. No yummy grilled food for him. Just peas.

Open wide!

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 5

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 6

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 7

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 8

Baby A is such a good kid. She rarely ever cries. Just plays quietly.

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 9

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 10

I bought this daylily more than a decade ago. Nice to see it's still alive.

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 11

I decided to make an Insalata Caprese Sandwich to toss onto the grill. Some of my cousins followed suit.

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 12

Tri tip?

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 13

Grilled corn, of course.

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 14

And cheeseburger sliders.

Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque 15

It's tradition cousin Q's older brother! :)

Memorial Day barbecues are my favorite way to kick off the summer.

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  1. What a fantastic looking BBQ! It's been BBQ weather in England for weeks (unprecedented!) but none for me as yet ... woe is me.

  2. Yum Yum Yum! Everything looks great! Esp the cute kids ;-)

  3. All that food looks goooooooooooood. And your niece and nephew look so gorgeous. I'd rather barbeque a few clients right now but...

  4. Baby Pablo looks like my friend! I swear if he was a baby, Pablo would be a spitting image! As for Baby A she looks like little red riding hood. :)

  5. Your corn looks amazing! How do you grill it? My family insists that you have to take out the husks and wrap it all up in aluminum foil, which I find eliminates the point of putting it on the grill, since it tastes just like boiled corn....

  6. Oanh,
    We almost always have bbq weather in SoCal, but don't bbq that often either.

    It's weird to have so many babies around now. I mean, we used to be the kids in the family.

    I bet the clients wouldn't taste very good though! :P

    Pablo looks exactly like his daddy!

    Trozos Mezclados,
    Gotta keep the husks on. Maybe your family is afraid of burnt corn? But the char is what makes it grilled corn.

  7. HAHA tradition! It is now. BBQ looks fantastic especially with the soft lighting and good food. And Pablo is so cute with the peas! Baby A certainly looks like a good kid. You have another photo for your caprese salad now to update. ;)

    And happy one year anniversary to your new camera? Or is it more? I do remember reading the cucumber salad and mango posts from back then. Which brings me to tell you, the Monterey Park location of MND is still pretty good and similar to how Temple City used to be, even if it's not owned by the same owner.

  8. Anything can taste good if it's marinated right, I think. ;) Then again, those are evil clients...

  9. Those babies are cuter than the food... which is pretty darn amazing.

  10. Liz,

    Nothing says tradition like laying on a guilt trip! :P It has been one year for the XTi! Good memory!


    It's like baby central around here these days!


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