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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Frowsy Flowery Quilt

Frowsy Flowery Quilt 1

Right after I finished my Sushi/Dim Sum Quilt on December 16, 2007, I started combing through my stash of floral fabrics to start another quilt. I know! It has been a while. I just wasn't feeling this one.

Love the rose on this vintage pillowcase that I bought at a thrift store.

Frowsy Flowery Quilt 2

I think these are Amy Butler fabrics? Bought them off Ebay.

Frowsy Flowery Quilt 3

I don't stick to cottons when I quilt. These satiny fabrics were bought during one of Jo-Ann's $1/yard sales.

Frowsy Flowery Quilt 4

I really love the forget-me-not blue contrasted with the pink in the fabric on the left.

Frowsy Flowery Quilt 5

More satiny fabrics. With beading too. I like textures.

Frowsy Flowery Quilt 6

Sorry, seem to be repeating the fabrics as I toss them every which way.

Frowsy Flowery Quilt 7

Vintage pillowcases. A bit 70s?

Frowsy Flowery Quilt 8

And that green at the bottom was a queen flat sheet I thought would make a good backing, but I'm not feeling that either. Not that it would matter much since it'll be the back of the quilt.

Frowsy Flowery Quilt 9

Inspired by Jane Brocket's potager garden quilt, I cut squares in 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-inch patches, or rather an inch more on each side to allow for margins.

Frowsy Flowery Quilt 10

Do you know how hard it was to figure out how they'd all fit? And then I had to order them into big strips across so I'd know how to piece it all together when I sew.

Except I'm a libra. I like things evenly balanced. And this hodgepodge mess didn't do it for me. So after photographing the layout, I put the patches away. And there they've sat ever since.

Frowsy Flowery Quilt 11

So how should I salvage this quilt? I'm thinking of simple square patches of just one size. Should they be 6-, 9-, or 12-inch patches? I don't have the fortitude to do a whole quilt of 3-inch patches. Don't worry, the unused patches won't go to waste. They'll be all used eventually.

I was thinking of just sticking to pinks and blues? I have a nice turquoise flannel that I could intersperse with all the floral patches?

And yes, I've dubbed it my Frowsy Flowery Quilt because it's floral and floppy.

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  1. Is there anything you can't do?! I have no suggestions. I can't sew. I just wanted to voice my awe. :)

  2. WeezerMonkey,
    Lots I can't do unfortunately. :( You're easily impressed. :P

    Western Wilson,
    That disappearing 9 patch looks even harder! You've inspired me to give this quilt another shot. Guess I'll do it in small increments since it is all cut out for me already.


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