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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

My cousins and I drove to five different supermarkets today on a hunt for oysters to grill. I guess everyone else had the same idea because each store had a pretty pitiful selection. We ended up buying them from the San Gabriel Superstore, but the oysters that were left were much smaller than the ones I recently got for lil' sis's 21st birthday bash.

I quickly made mi xao don chay (Vietnamese vegetarian crispy chow mein noodles) using the leftover black bean sauce from the steamed oysters with black bean and scallion sauce.

Independence Day 1

Cousin Q and his brother were already grilling steaks, oysters, and corn on the cob.

Independence Day 2

Cousin Q made the baby back ribs. Bottled barbecue sauce, slow-roasted for 5 hours until they practically fell off the bone.

Independence Day 3

Steaks with the basic steak seasoning marinade.

Independence Day 4

Oysters on the grill and dipped in salt, black pepper, and lime juice.

Independence Day 5

Boiled rock crabs. Still on sale for $1.89/lb.

Independence Day 6

Ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Independence Day 7

And fireworks, of course. Purchased after 10 p.m. so they were discounted. :P

Independence Day 8

Independence Day 9

Independence Day 10

Happy Independence Day everyone! How did you celebrate?

1 year ago today, after two weeks' absence because I was entertaining Norwegian cousin, I began backdating/updating posts and asked everyone to guess where I've been?


  1. You had a happy happy day.....food and fireworks...hehehe

  2. I went to a patriotic musical presentation at my church in the morning. At night I got a little reclusive but actually watched fireworks through my window as I worked on a couple websites.

  3. YUM! Your chow mein looks so crispy! And your Cousin Q's ribs look restaurant quality. Great photos! I wish your Cousin Q also did a post on his blog...
    Anyway, I just watched fireworks on TV and from the house! There was one place where they were just shooting them off like almost a machine gun! It was like a continuous beam of firewotks!

  4. How wonderful to have so many gifted cooks in the same family!

    I took the easy way out and followed one of your recommendations from Oct. 2007. The empanadas from Titos Market in El Monte were every bit as delicious as you promised, especially with sangria.

  5. Hey WC - Happy 4th to you! Looks like you had a nice feast.

  6. Ms. ___ to be,
    Well, except for the driving around trying to find oysters!

    Working online while watching fireworks through a window? I would have gone out for a bit to see. Well, I did watch fireworks on tv so I don't know if that's really all that different. :)

    I watched the same show. It was at the Rose Bowl.

    Ooooh, you tried Tito's. I haven't been in a while. Those empanadas are tasty. Sangria would be so great in this weather too.

    Looks like you were cooking up a nice feast for da boyz too!

  7. Happy belated 4th! Looks like you had a great time, and the price on the crab is great! Todd is drooling those ribs from Cousin Q, seriously drooling. I'm still craving crab....Ba and I are driving down to Mexico next month to get some crab, can't wait!

  8. WoRC,
    Ha! I bet your bash was better. Driving to Mexico for crab. That's fancy!


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