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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blog My Blog 1

Phew! Have ya'll been feeling the summer doldrums? Still too lazy to really cook. Rather too lazy to eat even. Although I get huuuungry, I really don't have much of an appetite. :(

Anyway, here's two pictures of the beefy version of crispy chow mein. I'll post the recipe when I get around to blogging about it.

Mi Xao Don Thit Bo 1

Mi Xao Don Thit Bo 2

Since I'm butting up against my monthly limit on my free Flickr account, which means I have to be a little more judicious with photos, I figured now would be as good a time as any to play "Blog My Blog." I got this idea from Michelle of Bleeding Espresso, who got it from Kailani of An Island Life.

I've modified the rules a bit for my blog. So basically, it works like this:

1) I will ask a question.

2) The first commenter must answer that question and then asks a question for the second commenter. It can be any type of question not just food-related, requiring a short or long answer, fill in the blank, etc.

3) Then second commenter answers that question and poses another question for the third commenter. And so on and so forth. In the event that two people may have answered the previous question and posted their answers at the same time, the next commenter may answer both questions, or choose to answer only one.

4) If you really like this game, feel free to jump back in to answer and ask another question.

Obviously, I won't be responding to each comment on these threads, but hopefully this will provide some nice interactivity between my readers? It'll be fun! I won't close comments to these posts so you can come back and play at any time if you want to continue the thread.

If you're confused, click on the other blogs to see how it's been done.

Question for my first commenter:

What were you just doing right before you visited my blog?

1 year ago today, a Taiwanese shaved ice (almost) big enough to hide behind.


  1. I was eating a tuna melt panini for lunch :D

  2. Umm, apparently people don't read directions. So, next commenter please answer my question AND ask a question for the next commenter.

  3. Answer: I woke up in the middle of the night because it was too hot, thought to check your blog.

    Question: What is the next thing on your must-cook list?

    Comment: Me likey those chow meins.

  4. Answer: Looks like it has to be chow mein.

    Question: What are you most afraid of cooking/baking?

  5. Answer: Almost anything I haven't tried yet =P

    Question: What was your most hated cooking/eating experience?

  6. Answer: being basically forced to eat a hard-boiled egg after it had been passed around to about 50 set of hands. Long story. And yuck.

    Question: What's for dinner tonight?

  7. d'oh! sorry I only had a few minutes for lunch at work so didn't read it properly
    Answer: stir fry noodle with duck in hoisin sauce
    Question: what's the most challenging dish you've ever cooked?

  8. Answer: Grilling Pizza...I am still working the bugs out of that one. One of these days I'll get it right!

    Question: Something that you couldn't/wouldn't eat as a kid, but now love?

  9. Answer : I can't think of any, by far I still don't like to eat the things I wouldn't eat when I was a kid.

    Question : What's the worst food you ever made for a love one?

  10. Hmm I'm reading this two ways: worst food from my point of view (boiled random pig parts--gah!) or meal that came out the worst (honestly, I burned some frozen fish sticks really badly once and I still have no idea how).

    There are two answers! Now the question:

    If you could have only meal/food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    P.S. Thanks for the linky love and YUMMMM on those photos!

  11. Answer : Roast Chicken, you can use it SO many ways!

    Question : If you could choose 3 ingredients to make dinner with, what would they be?

    P.S: Am a fan of your blog from Perth, WAustralia, keep up the great posting and check out my blog when you're free!

  12. Answer: Potatoes. Milk. Salt.

    Question: What is a food your mom/dad/grandparent cooks that you absolutely hate, but eat anyway because you just can't bring yourself to tell them?

  13. Answer: Usually I am not shy in avoiding food my family makes that I don't like. But, I'll say - blintzes. I like blintzes, but my mom's just don't taste like my grandmother's and I don't have the heart to tell her.

    Question: What is a dish that you eat regularly, but would never post on your foodblog?


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