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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Singlong Black Pepper Sauce (Sos Lada Hitam)

Singlong Black Pepper Crab

Since I was making a seafood fest for lil' sis's 21st birthday bash, it was a great chance for me to try Singlong Black Pepper Sauce for crabs from the box of goodies I received from Asian Supermarket 365. The sauce sells for $2.89.

The ingredients listed were: soybean, wheat flour, tomato puree, black pepper, oyster extract, water, sugar, garlic, ginger, vegetable oil, modified starch, caramel, permitted preservatives.

Hmm. Sounds so simple. I bet I could make this at home too.

Nonetheless, I cut up and stir-fried about three crabs with the sauce. The black pepper was really strong and quite spicy in a different way from the chili pepper spicy that I'm used to. I could taste a bit of the tomato puree and oyster extract as well.

This sauce was really good. Savory and spicy. Everyone liked the sauce, although it was a bit too spicy for some. I think the leftover sauce would taste great with rice or pasta. Unfortunately, I turned my back on the pan and the sauce dried out so there was just enough for the crab.

The sauce may also be used on shrimp, chicken, and beef. Apparently, this sauce is so popular that a few years ago, McDonald's in Singapore featured black pepper sauce burgers. I wonder if my Singapore readers can tell me if they still do that?

Please refer back to my Terrible Twos post to see the other items I've tried. I also added an asterisk to products that I've reviewed and really liked in case you were trying to decide what to purchase.

The folks at Asian Supermarket 365 have nicely extended their 3% discount to Wandering Chopsticks readers, just enter code "WC30708M" at checkout. Expiration date is August 31, 2008.

1 year ago today, I went skydiving over Las Vegas!


  1. Ooooo..sos lada hitam! I think should be good for stir fry beef strips? The crabs looks so wonderful!

    BTW, i couldn't find the pumpkin curry recipe.

  2. wow, was skydiving really a year ago?!?!? time flies!

  3. PP,
    I think this sauce would be lovely with beef. I like it a lot. OK, I sent you the pumpkin curry link. :)

    Ah, spicy lover are you?

    Nope, I'm saving that for you. ;)

    haha. Yeah. You remembered!

  4. This sauce is right up my alley, savory and spicy. The oyster extract in it sounds interesting, I'll have to give it a try.

  5. WoRC,
    I was trying to dissect the recipe and it seems like tomato paste, oyster sauce, and lots and lots of fresh ground black pepper should do it.


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