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Monday, July 07, 2008

AA1 Instant Seafood Curry Mix (Rempah Kari Segera)

Is it just me? Are ya'll feeling the summer doldrums too? Too lazy to cook. Too lazy to go out. Definitely too lazy to post. :P

I'm slowly eating my way through the box of goodies from Asian Supermarket 365. I've been trying out various packets whenever the mood strikes me. On this particular night it was seafood curry. Don't ask me why I got a craving for seafood curry, I just did.

AA1 Instant Seafood Curry Mix

AA1 Instant Seafood Curry Mix (Rempah Kari Segera) for $2.89. I added a small tuna steak and about a dozen head-on shrimp, 2 cups water, and a can of coconut milk. The ingredients listed were: Chilli, Mixed Spices, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Sugar and Vegetable Oil.

It doesn't say what the spices were but I detected strong notes of coriander seeds, kalonji seeds, and bay leaves. The curry tasted something very Indian-influenced, like my garam masala mix. It was also slightly spicy.

It was OK, and probably my least favorite out of all the products I've tried so far. Which isn't to say that it's bad, just that the others have been better. Also, for me anyway, garam masala is easily obtained so I don't feel a need to order it. If you like spicy and garam masala, then this might work for you.

The box of goodies is just so handy right now. I prefer homemade, but don't always have the time. And let's face it, it's hot! I don't like to be in the kitchen when it's uncomfortable. Mainly though, when experimenting with unfamiliar cuisine, packaged mixes are a great way to get a sense of what the taste should be.

Anyway, please refer back to my Terrible Twos post to see the other items I've tried. I also added an asterisk to products that I've reviewed and really liked in case you were trying to decide what to purchase.

The folks at Asian Supermarket 365 have nicely extended their 3% discount to Wandering Chopsticks readers, just enter code "WC30708M" at checkout. Expiration date is August 31, 2008.

1 year ago today, Vietnamese beef jerky and other dried goods at Vua Kho Bo (New Jerky Mfg. Inc.) - San Gabriel.


  1. Eating Club,
    Kalonji seeds are black onion seeds. Sometimes called nigella seeds. They resemble poppy seeds.

  2. I've been feeling what you feel too! Too lazy for just...anything.
    Are we in sync again :P

  3. Funny how my A1 curry paste looks abit different on this side of the world...

  4. Tigerfishy,
    It's nice to be in sync, even if it's about being lazy. It's been too long since our eating habits or otherwise have coordinated. ;)

    This is AA1. Not sure if the similarities in the name are deliberate.


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