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Friday, April 11, 2008

Calbee Seaweed and Salt Potato Chips

They look like sour cream and onion potato chips, but they're not.
Calbee Seaweed and Salt Potato Chips 1
Seaweed and salt potato chips from Calbee, the same company that brought you shrimp-flavored chips. If you like eating strips of toasted seaweed, then you'll like these. Yes, there were bigger chips in the bag, but *burp* I ate them all before I remembered to take photos. :P The "new BBQ" flavor actually tasted like Chicken in a Bisket, remember those? Not bad but at $1.89 for a 2.8-oz bag, once for the novelty factor was enough.
Calbee Seaweed and Salt Potato Chips 2
Care to see other wacky "fun food"? It's now all categorized! San Gabriel Superstore 1635 San Gabriel Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91776 626-280-9998 ***** 1 year ago today, oh how the mighty have fallen. One of my favorite dim sum restaurants is now lackluster at best - NBC Seafood Restaurant in Monterey Park.


  1. I really like Calbee Chips- they are really good and scrumptious! Lots of unusual flavors too- like what you ate. Once I ate a very intresting flavor- ominoyaki! (sp?). It was good and was a big bag for about 2 dollars (this was in HK).

    Great post and writing- again your photos look great; HD quality.

  2. calbee is the ultimate chips brand here...but i kinda don't like it...too sweet for me...i like ruffles' cheddar and sour cream, or smith crisps' full monty which they sadly decided not to produce anymore T_T sob sob sob

  3. I love their Snowpea Crisps too!!

  4. I love Calbee chips as well. The first bag I had was Consomme flavored. The reason why I tried them was because of this anime called Death Note. Stupid reason, but they were damn good.

  5. Calbee shrimp chips were such a staple during my childhood, but I'm not terribly fond of them now. I'd be interested in trying the seaweed and salt chips, however. I must find a shop that carries them.

  6. oh i've had this flavour before. not sure they were by calbee. but they were really good!

  7. WSL98787,
    Okonomiyaki you mean? If I saw that flavor, I definitely would have bought it. Will keep it in mind if I ever see it.

    There was a sort of sweet aftertaste. Not too bad though. I like sour cream and cheddar too. And bbq.

    I had forgotten about those snowpea crisps! Yum!

    Never saw consomme flavor. Will have to keep that in mind too.

    Cutting the Cheese,
    Same here. I don't think I've eaten a shrimp chip since childhood actually.

    It'd be cool if other companies are making seaweed chips too.

  8. Wandering Chopsticks:
    I think it was that flavor- it's been a year. The packaging is black though and I don't think it's in the US unfortunately (maybe specialty store?). The chip was a little sweet and tangy/soy sauce tasting though.

  9. Gotta love Asian snacks and their wacky but tasty flavors! If you have international readers we should do a snack swap! Hehe. American snacks seem so boring to me but my German cousins loves them!

  10. WSL98787,
    Ah, I meant I think you meant this okonomiyaki

    Funny you said that b/c I'm doing one right now! I love foreign foods. Maybe I should organize one for my blog readers? I've actually been think of this for a while but trying to figure out the logistics.

  11. I usually have calbee shrimp cracker sticks. Have not tried their chips though. Maybe I can try since I am a snack person :P

  12. Tigerfishy,
    I think most people are familiar with their shrimp sticks. I ate that a lot as a kid! Haven't eaten it in years now though!


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