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Monday, April 14, 2008

World's Smallest Mangoes?

I was at my second-youngest uncle's house recently when his wife gave me some mangoes to take home. I think they may quite possibly be the world's smallest mangoes? Ignore my fat fingers for a minute, but aren't the mangoes so very cute? I think they're champagne mangoes.
World's Smallest Mangoes 1
World's Smallest Mangoes 2
World's Smallest Mangoes 3
Look at the skinny seed! My aunt kept giggling every time she ate one and got to the center with the oh-so-thin seed.
World's Smallest Mangoes 4
She bought a whole case of them. Second-youngest uncle said they were more work, but I guess he just doesn't appreciate the absurdity like we did. :) ***** 1 year ago today, my oldest uncle's wife's nem nuong (Vietnamese grilled pork patties). And mine too!


  1. Never had I ever seen such small mangoes- until I read this post! They look really vibrant in your photos.

    Great post- and it's exceedingly intriguing to read about diminutive mangoes!

  2. that's tiny! I hope it is as sweet!

  3. Wow. I've never seen such small mangoes. They're so cool!

  4. Those are so cool! I love the tiny mangos! I want some!!

  5. Instead of 'gap hop' (I don't know that the Viet spelling is right - gnaw the sneed), you can just gnaw the whole mini-mango!


    They're brilliant. Especially if you can giggle while eating them.

  6. Hey WC - How did they taste? The Missus has a theory, that the smaller the fruit, the more flavorful it is......

  7. Midget mangoes. Awesome. Is the skin edible? You could eat them like apples if they were.

  8. WSL98787,
    They were very intriguing. I kept trying to figure out whether they just hadn't been thinned on the tree, or if they're naturally that small.

    Two bites!

    They were sweet.

    Aren't they just the cutest?

    I hope you find some where you are.

    gamm (gnaw) hot (seed). :)

    I think my aunt holds to your missus' theory. That's why she bought a whole case of them anyway. But in all honestly, they didn't taste any different from other champagne mangoes I've eaten.

    Nope. Had to peel each time. Did you know some people are allergic and get irritated by mango peels? They can eat the fruit, they just can't peel it. So they're really not edible.

  9. Oh yes, those are sooo cute and tiny! I bet they're really sweet! Our mango tree has tons of mangoes every year, but they don't get very big. They all fall off! :(
    We're still trying to figure out why! So we try to eat them before they fall off. Come on over in August WC to collect them before they fall!

  10. Mini anything is either cute or disturbing, haha. In this case, it's really cute. Females always seem more easily amused than the other species, hehe.

  11. Oanh,
    Oops. Typo. Gam with one M. ;)

    That's an invitation I'm sure to take you up on! You may not be able to keep me away!

    Haha! Yeah, my uncle didn't get the humor.

  12. You're right--those are adorable! Lucky you to have such an awesome mango connection.

  13. they are really small! cute!
    I wonder how many I can eat in a go :p

  14. Tigerfish,
    I ate three for breakfast and I was full. :)


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