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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Can You Identify My Rose?

That lifeless cane? Turned into a gorgeous velvety red rose. Do you know what it's called? It was here when I moved in so I don't know its name like I do my other roses.
Identify My Rose 1
I liked this angle with the other bud in the background.
Identify My Rose 2
Two days later, it bloomed.
Identify My Rose 3
Update May 12, 2008: Thanks to Nikki Polani, I think this rose might be a Papa Meilland. It certainly looks similar to all the Papa Meilland roses on Google images. Very veiny. Black-red velvety petals. So this is what I shall call it, unless someone tells me different? Other garden updates. ***** 1 year ago today, lil' sis made insalata caprese (Italian Capri tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad), I made citrus roast chicken and roasted golden beets.


  1. that rose is gorgeous. i wish i could tell you the name but i don't know much about flowers in general.

  2. Of the deep red roses, three of the most popular are Mr Lincoln (taaaall and lanky), Chrysler Imperial (more moderate height, blooms slightly brighter red), and Oklahoma (deep reds accompanied by deep rich scent). Chrysler is the parent of both Mr L and OK. My guess for your rose would be Mr Lincoln, but other options might be Charles Mallerin, Crimson Glory, Ingrid Bergman, Papa Meiland, or Taboo.

  3. Loving the deep color! Good luck finding out names.

  4. They are so pretty! I'm really only familiar with iceberg and climbing varieties. I'd love to grow this red one!

  5. bluang3lbby,
    Thanks anyway!

    Thanks! I knew I would get some guesses from you. I know it's not Mister Lincoln because I have that one and the thorns and leaves are different. Will Google the others and see if I can match them up.


    Your climbing roses are gorgeous! No need for any others.


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