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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Peanut Butter and White Chocolate DrizzleCorn

Last Thanksgiving, my brother brought me a bag of peanut butter and white chocolate drizzled popcorn from Dale and Thomas. I had completely forgotten about it until now.
Peanut Butter and White Chocolate DrizzleCorn 1
It doesn't look like much...
Peanut Butter and White Chocolate DrizzleCorn 2
...until you look closer. See the drizzles of peanut butter and white chocolate? Mmm.
Peanut Butter and White Chocolate DrizzleCorn 3
They were a little stale after having sat around for six months, but my brother says that's how they normally taste. I think my brother said he bought it from Whole Foods. I'm not a huge popcorn fan so I've always been satisfied with a $1 bag of freshly popped kettle corn from the farmers' market in Alhambra. After typing up this post, I now have such a craving for Garrett's buttery caramel popcorn. I hope my Chicago readers will eat some for me! ***** 1 year ago today, my second-youngest uncle's wife's bun rieu (Vietnamese shrimp and crab noodle soup), packed to go.


  1. Niiice! I had some of their popcorn back in Philly, but not the white chocolate variety because it contained "partially hydrogenated oil." Wah wah. What are your thoughts on trans fats? I avoid em like the plague.

  2. i had popcorn from that company before because they were giving it away when they first opened. i didn't really like the taste much either. can you recommend any good popcorn companies with speciality popcorn?

  3. I was gifted a sampler box of 12 varieties last year...Let me tell you that I was not impressed...The only flavour that really struck me as being memorable was the 'White Cheddar and Black Peppercorn'. The sweet flavours were just that..too sweet. They seem to dominate the popcorn with sugar, caramels, nuts, chocolate, anything they can throw in there masking that pleasant and light popped corn taste. The savory flavours are wrought with overspicing...causing them to taste less like popcorn and more like a sunday dinner... not to mention the texture...which was...a bit...off.. Since its packaged and not fresh popped it has plenty of time to lose that crispy yet oh so velvety feel. Like I said, I did get to try 12 varieties, so this is not an uninformed opinion, and the only one I would actually eat (ree or paid for with real money) would be that cheddar/pepper. The simplest of all the flavours, and by far the only stand out. If you have the chance, give that one a try. And barring that you can always seek out some Cabot cheddar cheese sprinkles and make your own :)


  4. Mmm, a little salty, a little sweet, you can't get much better than that. Oh wait you can, by having those flavors come from chocolate and peanut butter! Just when I thought life couldn't get any more delicious!!

  5. White chocolate drizzled popcorn sounds really good!

  6. tasty. back when i had a microwave, i used to nuke some popcorn and then grate white chocolate over the top with a microplane. the tiny chocolate shards would melt right onto the popcorn.

    i love the word "drizzlecorn." it sounds like an archaic british expletive.

  7. Daphne,
    A little bit was fine. Too sweet though.

    I don't really notice trans fats labels. But then again, I don't run 5 miles every day. ;)

    The Garrett's popcorn in Chicago that I mentioned is the best caramel popcorn I've ever had. I only eat it fresh though so I'm not sure how good it'd be after shipping.

    I agree. The sweet flavors were awfully sweet. I'm not a big cheese popcorn fan though. Actually, I'm not a big popcorn fan in general so the occasional indulgence is OK.

    The drizzles of chocolate and peanut butter are really the reason I ate this. The popcorn itself was stale and unremarkable.

    It was for a while. Then too much sugar!

    That's pretty clever. I just munch right out of the bag because I'm lazy like that. ;)

  8. My tooth aches looking at that! It does look yum though. Mmm.

  9. Jeannie,
    Toothache is right. Awfully sweet.


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