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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Letters from Lil' Sis

"That's it?" lil' sis said. "But I like it when you talk all about me." Well, since lil' sis apparently has quite a few fans among my readers, I thought I'd give you a little insight into "lil' sis." Plus, it's one more post all about her, which should make her plenty happy. As you know, she's "lil'" because she's quite a bit younger than me. And she constantly moans about how I "abandoned her" ie. left for college. Well, this was before the internet, or cell phones with free long distance, so occasional phone calls and old-fashioned letters were the primary means of contact for a poor college student and her baby sister. I've kept all her letters, and we chuckled over these last night. These were written when lil' sis was in kindergarten and first grade.
Letters from Lil Sis 1
Letters from Lil Sis 2
Letters from Lil Sis 3
Letters from Lil Sis 4
Letters from Lil Sis 5
Letters from Lil Sis 6
Letters from Lil Sis 7
Letters from Lil Sis 8
The cassette recorder was a short recording of my brother and lil' sis singing Happy Birthday! I still have it and it's incredibly cute with lil' sis goofing around and my brother admonishing her to "sing it right."
Letters from Lil Sis 9
Letters from Lil Sis 10
Letters from Lil Sis 11
Letters from Lil Sis 12
Letters from Lil Sis 13
Awww, wasn't lil' sis so cute? Alas, I was unable to find the whale drawing she sent me of a humpback whale. It's her favorite because it has a hump on its back. :P These days we're not separated by 2,000 miles, and I'm sure letters would be nice, but I think lil' sis appreciates the food I pack for her much more.


  1. wow - that's really sweet and cute. =:B

  2. what an adorable lil' sis you must have, she seems like such a sweet girl!

  3. what sweet letters!!! you are a lucky sister!

  4. Awwwww! Such sweet letters and you kept them for all these years. It's a great bond to have between sisters, and you both are so blessed! :)

  5. BC,
    Hehe, you've got a lil' sis too, don't you?

    Yeah, she's a good kid.

    We laughed re-reading them last night.

    I bet your daughters share a pretty close bond too!

  6. dont worry big sis! its all still true. can i have your room forever and ever? can you send me the pieces of paper? can you send me candy? i love you so so so so much!

  7. Aww, that is so sweet. If only all siblings could be like you guys.

  8. WC, what a great collection of letters! Lil' Sis shows a lot of creativity.

  9. i do i do.. :) we are only 3 years apart. lil sisters are the best.

  10. That was sweet. Excuse me a sec. I have something in my eye.

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! i want candy too. it's almost halloween. can you tell lil sis to send me some candy!?

  12. Lil' sis,
    *Kiss, kiss.* :)

    Mine are OK. ;)


    Creativity? You notice lil' sis was asking for things in every single letter?

    3 years is good. Sometimes I wish my sister and I were closer in age.

    Here's a handkerchief.

    I'm sure you can get candy there!

  13. Awww...I want a sister! Sometimes it sucks being an only child. :(

  14. Jeannie,
    Really? That's pretty rare. I think you're only the second VNese person I know of who's an only child.

  15. Yeah our ppls are quite fertile. :P The rest of my family is quite large, so I'm the anomaly .

  16. Jeannie,
    Ah, well the large family makes up for the lack of siblings. And hey, you've got an "evil twin" so that's almost the same thing. :)

  17. HILARIOUS because this post reminds me of when i went off to school, my sisters used to write to me too. i still have them as well. seriously, some of the things they used to draw and write! if only we could keep them that young and innocent always. :)

  18. Lan,
    Aww, that's sweet to think of your sisters all writing you letters too. I'm always lamenting that my lil' sis isn't small enough for me to pick up in my arms anymore. Why do they have to grow up?


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