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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Lil' sis loves grilled cheese sandwiches because they're super-easy to make. She slaps a few slices of cheese in between a few slices of bread, sticks it in her George Foreman grill and she's good to go.

There's not much variation you can do with just two ingredients, but I do like to toast my bread, slather some butter on the outside, and grill it or pan-fry the sandwich. You can get as fancy-schmancy with your cheese or bread as you wish. I like to keep it pretty simple by making a grilled cheddar cheese on potato bread sandwich, how 'bout you?

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For 1 sandwich, you'll need:

2 slices of bread
cheese (cheddar, American, whatever your preference)

Toast bread until lightly toasted. Add as much of whatever cheese you want in the center. If it's going to be a thick layer of cheese, microwave for a few seconds to soften.

Turn on heat to medium, and when the grill or fry pan is hot, butter one side of the sandwich and place buttered side down on the pan. Then butter the top side of the sandwich. A grill press is great for pressing in the sandwich and creating those grill marks, but if you don't have one, I just press down with a spatula. Flip when golden.

Enjoy! With cream of tomato soup, of course. ;)


  1. When we first got our George Foreman grill, we used it for all sorts of stuff (salmon, chicken, etc etc). Now we only pull it out for a grilled cheese sandwich (or, as My People would say, toastie)--the double-sided heat contact means everything warms up (and melts) perfectly ... mmm ...think I'll go make one now!

  2. LimeyG,
    I used mine a lot too, but I've since gravitated to a cast iron grill pan, which presses the sandwich so much better.


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