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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Four Color Carrot Salad

There are some foods that should just be enjoyed the way Mother Nature intended, or at least enjoyed with very little added. And so it was that when I found a bag of four different-colored carrots at Trader Joe's I bought it anyway without a recipe in mind.

I simply admired the colors at first.

Then peeled them and admired them some more.

Then repositioned the carrots and kept admiring them.

And repositioned them yet again to see which angle looked best.

My favorite was the red. And actually the darker the carrot, the more pronounced the flavor. The white was basically bland.

Then I actually got around to grating the carrots.

And tossing them.

Four Color Carrot Salad

For a large bowl, you'll need:

4 pretty carrots, peeled and grated
Rice vinegar, to taste
Sugar, to taste

I made a very light vinaigrette, using just a bit of sugar and rice vinegar. I was thinking of something similar to do chua (Vietnamese pickled stuff ie. carrots and daikon).

That's it. I ate probably a cupful or so of this.

Then if you'd like to turn it into do chua for a banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) simply add more vinegar and let it soak for half an hour until lightly pickled.

The other carrots I saved for an incredibly carroty carrot cake. But that's a post for another day.

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