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Monday, October 29, 2007

Thanh Long (Dragon Fruit) Flowers

For Peachy Mango Delight who asked to see my dragon fruit flowers. This was from my youngest uncle's vine back in 2000, when my family first started growing dragon fruit. She thought the blooms looked similar to bong quynh. I couldn't figure out its English name. Sorry for the poor photos. They're photos of my photos from back then.
Thanh Long (Dragonfruit) 1
Thanh Long (Dragonfruit) 2
And of course, this is the dragon fruit in my backyard. The flowers only bloom at night. I always seem to miss them so that's why I had to use old photos of dragon fruit blooms.
Thanh Long (Dragonfruit) 3
Only two dragon fruits for me, as opposed to my youngest uncle's dragon fruit bounty. April 16, 2008 update: Oanh of Halfway Between Ca Mau and Saigon suggested that my unidentified cactus flower in May is a cereus. I think the Vietnamese bong quynh is then the night blooming cereus. Mystery solved? Other garden updates. ***** 1 year ago today, my fuschia cosmos are on their last legs. Also, strawberry guava and iceberg roses.

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