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Sunday, September 09, 2007

1 of 7 Random Things About Me Meme: I Hardly Ever Make My Own Nuoc Mam Cham (Vietnamese Fish Dipping Sauce)

I was tagged a really, really long time ago by Wok and Spoon to come up with 7 random things. I have just so very many random things that I had no idea where to begin. So I'm going to split this up into 7 posts and we'll see where it goes. Hehe. :)

While I give recipes for how to make Nuoc Mam Cham (Vietnamese Fish Sauce Dipping Sauce), I hardly ever make my own.

Why not?

7 Random Things Meme 1

Because my mom made enough to supply me for the next year, or two, or three. Yes, folks, this is a 56-ounce container of sweetened fish sauce. That's 3.5 pounds to pour over every conceivable dumpling, savory crepe, or rice paper roll.

Don'tcha love Vietnamese mamas? I know I love mine. :)


  1. 56 ounces!!! That's a lot of fish sauce. Where do you keep that jug?

  2. This is a silly question, but does fish sauce expire? I'm thinking no, like honey, but I just had to ask.

  3. Geezus! That's a huge jar of nuoc mam. I'd be scared to bring that out in fear of dropping it.

  4. Marvin,
    It's kept in the fridge at my brother's house. I siphoned off that top part but don't have room for it in my smaller fridge.

    Fish sauce does eventually expire but this is a fish sauce, vinegar, and sugar blend so it keeps for a long, long time. Then when you're ready for "fresh" fish sauce to dip, you can add the squeeze of lime and garlic. BTW, you know they found honey in Egyptian tombs that were thousands of years old? I don't think honey expires at all!

    Hehe. It's screwed tightly. ;)

  5. LOL - I make and have the same container to store my fish sauce. So easy to make yet so addicting.

  6. My mama lives soooo far away. No fishy fishy sauce for me.

    Can you imagine if I brought that on the plane with me and the thing leaked!?!?

  7. That is one HUGE jar!!! Hehe - and you finally got around to doing that meme!

  8. Bill,
    It's the VNese in us. We can't live without nuoc mam! :)

    You know, VN Airlines prohibits bringing fish sauce on board for that reason?

    Yes, it took forever to figure out what to write about!


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