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Friday, September 14, 2007

6 of 7 Random Things About Me Meme: I Collect Children's Books

#6 of 7 Random things about me? I collect children's books. Many of them are Vietnamese fairy tales and childhood favorites, but a a few books I discovered as an adult and really love them because they were books I wished I had as a child. I've excerpted favorite scenes so you can see for yourself.

7 Random Things Meme 6.1

7 Random Things Meme 6.2

7 Random Things Meme 6.3

7 Random Things Meme 6.4

7 Random Things Meme 6.5

7 Random Things Meme 6.6

7 Random Things Meme 6.7

7 Random Things Meme 6.8

And for those of us who thought Disney's princesses were just a little too whiny and wimpy...

7 Random Things Meme 6.9

7 Random Things Meme 6.10

7 Random Things Meme 6.11

7 Random Things Meme 6.12

7 Random Things Meme 6.13

7 Random Things Meme 6.14

Char Siu Bao Boy is out of print, but you can find a used version from Amazon and The Paper Bag Princess.


  1. hey, I love children story books too! In fact, I try to collect them so that when kids come, they won't get too bored.. hehe. the chai siew bao one looks great man. I might eat the pages....

  2. Hey WC - That is really cute.....

  3. The Char Siu Bao boy is super super cute!!!

  4. Daphne,
    Hehe. We think alike. :)

    Isn't it though?

    Why didn't I ever have a char siu bao boy as a classmate?


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