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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

3 of 7 Random Things About Me Meme: I Make My Own Body Scrub

#3 of 7 random things about me?
7 Random Things Meme 3
I make my own body scrub. It's soooo easy there's absolutely no need to shell out big bucks for this. I thought everyone knew how to do this, but the older '88 asked for the recipe, so here you go. Homemade Sugar Body Scrub You'll need: A plastic jar. (Mine is an empty body scrub jar from when I did used to buy this stuff. Or splurge and buy a nice one if you wish. Glass mason jars would work if you want to be fancy and aren't worried about breaking glass in the tub.) The cheapest sugar you can find. (Or splurge for fancy organic cane sugar. It's your money. I buy the cheapest bag I see on the grocery store shelves.) Baby oil. (Again, I use generic, but you can go cheap or fancy as you wish. Or if you feel the mineral oil in baby oil is drying, use coconut or olive oil.) Pour sugar into plastic jar until it's about 75% full. Then pour baby oil on top. The baby oil will slowly sink into the sugar. After a few minutes, you might need to pour in more baby oil. Stop when you see that the baby oil has seeped into the bottom of the jar. That's it! In the shower, use to exfoliate as normal. The sugar's small grains are really effective for removing dead skin cells. The baby oil leaves your skin nicely moisturized so you don't have to apply lotion after the shower. It's also great as a prep before shaving as the sugar grains have smoothed out your skin, and the baby oil works like shaving gel. Try it! You can also substitute with brown sugar and make a brown sugar body scrub. Add a few drops of perfume if you want a different scent. Use salt if you want to make a salt scrub. The only caution with that is salt will sting if you have any scratches or other wounds. Enjoy! My other non-edible recipes: Laundry Detergent Play Dough


  1. neato, gotta try this. i love bath products.

  2. Hehe - using olive oil and sugar - sounds like a salad dressing! ;-) This looks nice and economical!

  3. EMWK,
    You should try it!

    I think this is one recipe you can follow. ;)

    Well, I had to include a "recipe" somewhere. ;)

  4. Someone told me about the sugar as a scrub... but I didn't know about this with the oil. And yes! No need for lotion afterwards!

  5. TS,
    It works so well that my sister is always using up my supply whenever she comes home.


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