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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Butter, Cream Cheese, Italian Meat Trio Sandwich

Butter, Cream Cheese, Italian Meat Trio Sandwich 1
When you've got fresh, homemade butter, you want a sandwich that will showcase its flavor. No lengthy ingredient list here. Sometimes simple is best. Butter, Cream Cheese, Italian Meat Trio Sandwich You'll need: A nice light and fluffy baguette Italian cold cuts (I like mortadella, prosciutto, and salami.) Cream cheese (I prefer Trader Joe's whipped cream cheese because it's not so heavy-tasting.) Butter (Homemade, of course.) Really? You can't figure this out? Hehe. Butter one side. Cream cheese on other. Layer meats. Place in toaster oven on medium (about 5 minutes) until lightly crispy.
Butter, Cream Cheese, Italian Meat Trio Sandwich 2


  1. I need to seriously invest in a toaster oven. The pic doesn't do it justice, but the description does! So would one need to live on a farm to get fresh, homemade butter?

    Nice post! Hope to read more soon,

  2. Jake,
    No. I had made homemade butter with a cake mixer. So I wanted a simple sandwich that would showcase the buttery taste. This is one of my favorite simple sandwiches. :)


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