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Thursday, September 13, 2007

5 of 7 Random Things About Me Meme: I Love Target

#5 of 7 Random things about me?

I'm suuuuuch a Target whore. My house is furnished with a combo of IKEA, TJMaxx/Marshall's, and Target. Almost everything was bought on sale too. Darn you Target! I have no room for any more plates or bowls, and yet, when they're on clearance for 50% or 75% off, I can't resist! Aren't they puuurdy? :)

Also, where else can I find cool stuff like blooming tea? I'd been seeing the ads on some internet sites and they looked really cool. But even the ones who gave free samples still required a $2 shipping per tea ball charge. Eeek! I can buy a canister of loose leaf tea for that price! But $2.99 for 3 tea balls isn't so bad.

This was found in the kettle aisle where there was a clear tea pot with a dozen blooming tea balls for around $30.

As if I'd spend that much on a tea pot and tea balls, I used my French press to show you what it looks like instead. See? Tea ball.

This is my favorite bloom, "Juliet's Kiss."

"Summer Bouquet."

"Guilded Lotus."

If you have the patience or 3 minutes, you can watch "Guilded Lotus" "bloom." And if you can't find this at your local Target, check out the website for Primula Tea. The teas were a nice jasmine green tea. But the best part was watching them "bloom."

And also, where else can I find affordably priced European chocolates? $1.66 for a large bar of Swiss chocolates in really unusual flavors like tiramisu, hot chili pepper, and lemon and black pepper.

There were pieces of dried chili pepper in the chocolate. I've had chili pepper chocolates before, but it had always been chili powder. I liked the spicy kick of this chocolate bar. Did you know the Aztecs put chili in their hot chocolate?

The lemon and black pepper didn't go so well together for me. And tiramisu was as yummy as you'd figure it'd be.

My best Target deals so far? A Mexican red side table for $12.99 (90% off from the Global Bazaar collection). A pink metal 3-light chandelier for $1.56. I have no idea where or how to hang it but I bought a metal chandelier for $1.56!!! And blue, green, and orange Isaac Mizrahi plates for 31 cents. C'mon, I know I'm not the only bargain shopper out there...


  1. omg this is too funny! I was at Target on Friday and stumbled upon this blooming tea too! i got a pack but haven't had a chance to let it work its magic and post up the results yet. you beat me to it!!!

  2. Shoot - I was just at Target last week. Now I'll have to go back to look for the blooming tea and those cute plates.

    I always browse the clearance sections at Target. My best bargain find was a large Calphalon non-stick pan with lid for $7.

  3. man, frm the sounds of it target there is soo much better than target in aus.

    I'm a bargain shopper too. Best bargain-pretty plate for $2 down from $14! WOohoo! Cheap thrill.. haha

  4. I love that chili chocolate! Dangit, now I have to go to Target to get some...

  5. I love those blooming tea things! I need to buy some so I can play too. How does the tea taste? Is it good, or is it just for show?

  6. Peachy Mango,
    Hehe. Actually, I stumbled upon this probably a month ago? You know how behind I am about posting.

    That's a great deal!

    From what I understand, the Target in Oz is not the same company, they just borrowed the name. When I was there it didn't seem like the same store at all. Target US is much better.

    Hehe, I'm sure it'll be a hardship to return to Target. ;)

    All the teas are jasmine green tea. It's OK tea. Nothing spectacular and it does smell nice.

  7. i like the polka dot one



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