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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tim Tams

When Wok and Spoon first waxed poetic about Tim Tams, I had no idea what she was talking about but she apparently loves them so much she forked over 5 euros for a small package.

Since evidently I'm not the only clueless one, and because she was going back to Australia, she decided to give some away. Imagine my surprise when she picked me to be one of the lucky recipients of Tim Tam biscuits.

Oooh, look what came in the mail. Hehe, biscuits. You silly Brits and Ozzies! They're cookies! :P

She splurged and sent a double-pack!

It was a little melty from the sun but it's chocolate!

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate! Chocolate cookies with a chocolate cream filling dipped in chocolate!

Yeah, between lil' sis and me, these Tim Tams didn't last the week. :P

Thanks Wok and Spoon! I have the best blogging buddies!


  1. I've never seen these or heard of them either, but you can't beat chocolate-covered chocolate :)

  2. Kelly,
    Chocolate always gets bonus points!

  3. Yum! I first tried Tim Tams in London, and I really liked them.

    Did you try the Tim Tam Slam?

    It makes a delicious cookie (biscuit) even more delicious. Deliciouser. A bit difficult but, with practice...

  4. Hi anon,
    No I did not do the Tim Tam Slam. I hadn't even heard of such a thing until now! It's kinda awesome and kinda scary too!

  5. You should have had half placed in the fridge for the choco to harden. Melting is nice, but I assure you, the slightly cold version from the fridge is good too. Whatever, it's Tim Tam, my fav!

  6. Tigerfishy,
    I did refrigerate some of them. I liked them better melty. :)

  7. Oh! You can get those at Cost Plus World Market! I work there. For some reason the ones that we sell aren't called "Tim Tams" but "Arnott's Original Chocolate Biscuits"

    If you have a hankerin' but don't want to import them directly, now you know where to go. ^_~


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