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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Prickly Pear Cactus Fruits, Golden Kiwis, Taiwanese White Melons, and Yellow Watermelons

Just a random post about some of the more unusual fruits I've been seeing around. Are any of them new to you?

These prickly pear cactus fruit were 3 for 99 cents at Super-A. They reminded me of dragonfruit, afterall they're both cactus fruit. Light and refreshing for the summer. I just don't like the seeds.

And from my usual grocery shopping at the San Gabriel Superstore, golden kiwi from New Zealand. These were 79 cents each. But they were larger than green kiwi. Not quite golden though, more like a yellow-green. The taste was still kiwi-ish, but also apple-pearish too?

Taiwanese white melon. This one cost me 93 cents. I first tried them in Vietnam two years ago. All this time I thought they were just stunted honeydew. That's what they tasted like.

And look at this beautiful yellow watermelon. Have you seen the like? 59 cents a pound.

The taste is much lighter than red watermelon, not nearly as sweet either. But very fun to eat for the novelty factor.

San Gabriel Superstore
1635 San Gabriel Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA 91776


  1. i LOVE yellow watermelon

  2. What beautiful fruits. The prickly pear cactus is new to me. Are the seed bigger than the dragonfruit? :)

  3. Have not tried pear cactus before. Recently, I got myself some yellow wateremelons too - almost tasteless!bleh!

  4. Prickly pear fruits (you want to be specific, since the actual cactus part is also sold, often as "nopales") were ubiquitous when I lived in Arizona. Nobody I know ate them straight, though; they were used for making jellies or syrups or sauces. Go into any decent-sized Mexican market and you'll find these all over the place.

  5. hot damn.
    you are making me homesick.

  6. I like kiwi furit! Exotic and hairy! LOL...

  7. personally I haven't had the Dragon fruit, but I am a huge fan of the prickly pear cactus fruit. It is so refreshing during the summer... but I hardly ever see them in the states. I have to travel to Mexico when I want them.

  8. Anon,
    It's very colorful.

    The prickly pear cactus fruit seeds are more like guava seeds. A bit big, but I eat it anyway instead of trying to work around it.

    Much lighter than red watermelon, that's for sure.

    2nd Anon,
    Good point. I did refer to it as a cactus fruit but wouldn't want people to get confused. I fixed the other references. Although, I must say, by "pear" I know it's cactus fruit. Nopales are cactus leaves and I would never refer to it as "pear." I've eaten prickly pear gelato, but haven't tried it any other way.

    That's my agenda. So you can come back and eat with me. :)

    I like kiwi too.

    So you like eating them fresh too?

  9. Prickly pear sort of taste like honeydew melon to me, if I remember correctly. Been a couple of years since I had some.

  10. OMG I love yellow kiwis, so much more than normal kiwis. I got them for 3 for $1 at Ranch the other day. Still debating what to do with them.

  11. Amy,
    3 for $1?! Now that's cheap. I'd just eat them plain. Or maybe layer them on a tart?

  12. Pretty colors, esp the cactus fruit!

  13. Jeannie,
    Yeah, that's why I bought them. All for the blog pics!

  14. Hi! I stumbled onto this page and can't help but wonder where I can get prickly pears in Taiwan. I'm from the states and I can't find them here! Any feedback would be helpful =)

  15. Tim,
    I have no idea. I've never been to Taiwan. Can you get dragon fruit there? I heard that Taiwan imports them from Vietnam. I like dragon fruit more than prickly pear cactus fruit anyway. :)


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