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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm No Persephone

Can you see what's growing outside my window?

Here, look a little closer.

Thought pomegranates were always red and tart? These yellow ones are pure sweetness. It'll make you an addict my youngest aunt promised years ago when she gave me my first yellow pomegranate.

The color may not be as bold as the red varieties you're used to seeing, but trust me, the flavor is infinitely sweeter.

I'm obviously not Persephone because I can eat much more than just 6 measly pomegranate seeds.

(Psst! If you're coming to this post via TasteSpotting, it wasn't me. The editor changed my caption to 3. I know my Greek legends. Persephone ate 6 seeds. So for half the year, she was forced to live underground with Hades. And Demeter was so inconsolable with losing her daughter for half the year that she made the flowers die ie. autumn and winter. Sheesh. You'd figure people would check their facts before making corrections.)

Hmm. I think it's time to make another batch of fessenjan (Persian walnut pomegranate Cornish game hen) and I'll decorate the plate with pomegranate seeds.


  1. oh those pomegranate seeds look delish! I'm sure the cornish game hen will turn out beautifully. Please post pictures when you are done making the dish =)

  2. I'm so jealous! Pomegranates are my absolute favorite food... I want one now!

  3. Looks delicious! I've never had a ton of luck with growing things.

  4. I didn't know there were beautiful yellow pomegranates out there! I love the red ones, do these taste different? They're SO good, aren't they?

  5. I've never heard of yellow pomegranates. How cool. They look beautiful. I'll have to keep my eye out for them. I usually like the red ones, but more for a novelty than anything else.

  6. these look like pink lemonade pomegranates--how lovely to wake next to these!

    I'm guessing this is the best of both worlds--the distinctive flavor of pomegranate, but without the staining power...

  7. that last picture is so pretty!

  8. Your pomegranate look soooo good! Haven't seen a yellow one til today. :)

  9. Oops! Almost forgot to say that I have a little pomegranate plant and my picture on the right IS a pomegranate bud. And I'm no Persephone either. ;)

  10. I'm always so impressed by all the goodies you grow! I haven't had a pomegranate in ages!

  11. I was just thinking about replacing one of the trees in the yard with a pomegranate. Now you've got me thinking about this yellow variety!

  12. never had this one, have to check it out. love the color

  13. I'n not good at eating pomegranate seeds...unless I swallow the seeds altogether. Pomegranate leaves or something are used to wash "bad luck" away in some Chinese cultures, am I right?

  14. You are such an amazing gardener WC. Those pomegranate kernels look so juicy, crunchy, and wonderful. If I grew those, mine would be shriveled up like old raisins.

  15. Hi Anh,
    The link takes you to my recipe, but I admit that photo isn't the prettiest. It's tasty though. :)

    Mmm. I do love pomegranates.

    I can't take the credit for this. The tree was there before I moved in.

    These yellow ones are much sweeter than the red pomegranates.

    The red ones are bolder in appearance but sometimes too tart for me.

    You got it! Although they do stain, just not nearly as badly as the red ones.

    Thanks! I try. :)

    Is your pomegranate red or yellow?

    Just more incentive for you to come down and visit. :)

    These trees grow from cuttings. If you don't mind starting off with a small tree, you're welcome to have a cutting from mine.

    Hope you can find it.

    I eat the whole seeds. And I've never heard that superstition before. It's news to me.

    Heh, I can't take any credit. The tree was fully grown when I moved in.

  16. To answer your question, mine are small red ones. :)

  17. EMWK,
    Sounds tart! Hehe, I'll stick to my yellow ones. :)


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