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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beard Papa's - San Gabriel

After the J. Paul Getty Center and Museum, we dropped my cousin off back at his aunt's house. We wanted to take him out for dinner, but he insisted he was still full from lunch at her house and Light Town House Korean BBQ. Actually, we weren't terribly hungry, but we were feeling peckish. So dumplings seemed just the thing for a light dinner.

I suggested Mei Long Village and we ordered a tray of crab and pork and just pork xiao long bao (Shanghai soup dumplings).

Yes, that's either brother or lil' sis sticking their chopsticks in the picture so they can see themselves on the blog. Thin skins and just the right amount of broth. Just as good as ever.

We also wanted to try a non-XLB dumpling, and chose pan-fried dumplings for $5.95. These dumplings are reminiscent of Vietnamese banh bao with thicker doughy skin. The pan-fried bottoms were crunchy, but the bread-like dough just made them too heavy for us to really enjoy them.

The inside was juicy, not soupy. Still, for the same price, I'd rather order another tray of XLB.

And because we were already in the same strip mall, we wandered over to Beard Papa's for dessert.

What kind of dessert? Japanese cream puffs. You'd think I'd try their new ice cream cream puffs, but actually I wanted to see if they had pumpkin. Cousin Q said he's tried pumpkin before. Oh, I was sooo hoping. But no. :(

There's the container of cream puffs waiting to be filled. The metal machine with the nozzle squirts in the filling. I took a video except that all you can see is the guy holding the cream puff up to the nozzle. Seriously, folks. I'll upload the video if you insist, but there was no squirting action for you to see. :P

We ended up with strawberry and green tea cream puffs for $1.75 each. I've only tried vanilla and coffee flavors.

The cream puff was roughly about 3-inches in diameter. Nicely crispy and light. The filling was full of matcha green tea flavor. The consistency is like very lightly whipped cream, slightly chilled. It's quite different from the vanilla custard cream puffs I'm used to at Vietnamese bakeries.

The strawberry flavor though was like artificial strawberry milk. Not quite what we were expecting.

So there you go, Beard Papa's cream puffs. They're popping up all over the place so it's worth a try if you happen to come upon one. I don't go out of my way for them though. The frugal eater in me keeps thinking that I can buy 5 small cream puffs from Vietnamese bakeries for $1.

Beard Papa's (various locations)
301 W. Valley Blvd., #105
San Gabriel, CA 91776


  1. Ooo, I want to go! I love pumpkin. I hope you get to try the pumpkin one sometime soon so you can report back to us.

  2. I miss the boba/tea shop that used to sit here! They had the best green tea smoothie in my opinion. But the owners went back to China b/c they were losing money. Too much competition, Prospect Plaza is saturated with drink shops.

  3. love a good XLP-too bad the ones in Perth are not up to standards!

    Yummy looking puffs- i like the normal custard ones!

  4. I like Beard Papa when I was in S'pore. Esp cold Beard Papa....:D

  5. Everything looked delicious! Must be time for a snack. :)

  6. Those cream puff looks gorgeous... I heard in singapore you can get sticky cream puff... not sure how sticky but was told they are good.

  7. You're lucky to have so many choices over there for XLB. I was happy to discover frozen ones at the korean grocery store a couple of weeks ago!

  8. You had dumplings AND dessert? I thought you said you were just feeling "peckish" and not hungry! Hehe - I'm a bit afraid to see what happens when you say that you're hungry!! ;-)

  9. I'm jealous and pissed off. On Friday, I went to a restaurant nearby and they had XLBs! I jumped on the opportunity and ordered 6 of them and they were all bone dry! Not soupy at all. :\

  10. Full RSS feed! Yay!

    Btw, I find beard papa a little too sweet. Don't you think?

  11. Anon,
    I'm hoping they'll have pumpkin soon b/c Halloween is near.

    I would have completely bypassed it for Lollicup! :( Poor owners.

    I like the regular vanilla ones too.

    You like all your sweets cold! :)

    It's always time for a snack! ;)

    Sticky creampuff? Perhaps like a cinnamon roll?

    I don't think I remember seeing frozen ones. How do they taste?

    I split the dumplings with two people and the creampuffs too! I'm not that much of a pig! Or maybe I am! ;)

    Aww, I'm sorry. :(

    Hehe, Well, I didn't even know you subscribed! It's sweet if I eat the whole thing alone. Not too bad if I share it. :)

  12. I agree with you on the Papa's Beard cream puff it ain't worth your time or money.....

  13. mmm...the dumplings look so good. I'm not so much for cream puffs but I love custard puffs. So yummy.

  14. Bill,
    The frugal VNese in you coming out too? ;)

    Cooking Ninja,
    Custard puffs? Are they like egg tarts?

  15. So you know, those doughy buns are called "shen jian bao" and they're absolutely supposed to be bready like that. They're an extremely popular street food snack in Taiwan, as well as in certain parts of China.

  16. levbarg,
    Yup, I know. I just prefer XLB over thick dense fried dough.


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