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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Jungle Red Hibiscus Repairs Itself!

Look how pretty my Vietnamese desert rose looked in August's heat. I was wrong before when I called it a plumeria. Well, it is a member of the same family, and in Vietnamese it's the same word. But a bit of Googling turned up the proper English name. Desert rose seems more apt wouldn't you say?

And yes, I'm a dork. I got so happy when I realized my Jungle Red Hibiscus healed itself. If you look closely in the post about when I did a plant swap, despite the careful packaging, the stem was broken. So I made a makeshift splint with two toothpicks and scotch tape. And a few weeks later when I checked I felt something weirdly knobby. I took off the tape and saw that the tree had healed itself. Isn't Mother Nature grand?

So except for my front porch, this is the sum total of my gardening these days. Yup, half of that is the sugar loaf pineapple, galangal, and hibiscus that Barry sent me. (Thanks again Barry!) One Nearly Wild rose bush that I bought as a bare root and only just got around to planting, so I took it with me. One amaryllis and two peonies in hibernation. And two tuberoses.

Not much by way of pretty gardening pictures to share anymore I'm afraid.


  1. That's so cool how you helped that plant heal itself! I can't wait to start my own little garden when I move.

  2. So will you have garden space for your new little garden? Or will you stick with container gardening?

    I also made a splint for my standard duranta that had broken in half from the wind. It recovered and did just fine - in contrast to another duranta on the other side of the yard that just died for no reason I could discover.

  3. Christine,
    Ohio is all about cold frame greenhouses and stuff so you'll be doing plenty of gardening out there!

    I haven't time to do much gardening these days. So I still have to figure out what I want to do first. Isn't Mother Nature amazing?

  4. Oh wow these are pretty! Too bad they wont do so well w/the east coast weather.

  5. PeachyMango,
    Yeah, I love all the tropical stuff that grows in California!

  6. Wow I didn't know you could make splints for plants. That's too cute. :)

  7. Amy,
    I didn't know if it would work until I tried. And it did. I should have taken a picture of the splint before I took it off. :)


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