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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ramen with Panda and Puppy Faces

So after my lunch at Santouka and Italian Tomato, I wandered into the actual Mitsuwa supermarket to see what funky Japanese goodies I could find. I found a bar of 99% chocolate for $1.99. I have a feeling it'll be very bitter, but I was game to see how it would taste. And the best product ever for the kid in all of us - ramen with panda and puppy faces! Only $2.69. Actually, for that price, I could have bought a couple dozen packets of normal ramen, but how could I resist those faces?
Panda and Puppy Ramen 1
The package contained four small ramen noodle packets.
Panda and Puppy Ramen 2
Very small packets. I guess they literally are for kids. Look, they're half the size of my hands.
Panda and Puppy Ramen 3
With little seasoning packets which include the faces.
Panda and Puppy Ramen 4
I was still very full from lunch but counting down the minutes until dinnertime when my belly would make room for ramen with panda and puppy faces. Did I tell you? RAMEN WITH PANDA AND PUPPY FACES!!! Yes, I sqealed with glee? How could you not? How do you prepare your ramen? If I'm dealing with faux fish flakes (which is what the panda and puppy faces are), I like to dump them along with the seasonings in the water as it's heating up to boil. I just think it makes the water more flavorful and gives time for the fish flakes to absorb the water and swell properly.
Panda and Puppy Ramen 5
Just look at those little panda faces staring up at me.
Panda and Puppy Ramen 6
"Please don't eat me Wandering Chopsticks," their little eyes seem to plead. Glug. Glug. All gone.
Panda and Puppy Ramen 7
It was such a tiny bowl, only enough to fill a rice bowl, so I decided to make the puppy ramen as well. And really, it's because I just wanted to see what the puppy faces would look like.
Panda and Puppy Ramen 8
Looks like the Target dog mascot doesn't he? "Please don't eat me Wandering Chopsticks," the little puppy eyes pleaded with me.
Panda and Puppy Ramen 9
Panda and Puppy Ramen 10
Glug. Glug. All gone. Taste-wise, average Nissin ramen flavor. Appearance-wise though. They're just so gosh darned cute! As for that 99% chocolate bar. Ack! Ick! Gross! Too bitter!
Panda and Puppy Ramen 11
I popped in a large chunk of creamy, milky Norwegian chocolate to even out the flavor. I guess I could have spat it out. But hey! I'm a girl! We don't waste chocolate! Mitsuwa Marketplace 665 Paularino Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 714-557-6699


  1. How adorable! I don't know if I could eat their little faces though. That would be creepy.

  2. panda faces is just too funny!

  3. Been some time since I visit Mitsuwa...I like that panda ramen, cute.

    hey, I know the 99% cacao is goin to be BITTER ! For a dark choc lover like me, I could not take it too! :O
    I had to mix it with normal milk choclate and have strawberries coated with the resultant. I don't waste chocolates...how can I ? :P

  4. "'Please don't eat me Wandering Chopsticks,' their little eyes seem to plead.

    Glug. Glug. All gone."

    HAHAHA, that is awesome! Stuff like that and your sense of humor makes your blog an awesome read for me.

  5. i liked the ramen but mel didnt. maybe when shes older cuz she doesnt like much kinds of foods. shes very picky!

    i dont like dark chocolate either. i got one in the fridge. i had coupon for free chocolate. its going in the dumpster. wasting chocolate is ok for me! well, unless you want it? haha


  6. AAAW you ate that cute whachamacallit's face!

  7. I would still eat it, I love ramen in all forms. :D But they are mighty cute.

  8. Nikki,
    I couldn't resist! :P

    Hehe, even in this we're the same! I was going to use it for a chocolate souffle but my brother wanted it so I gave it to him.

    Awww, thanks! That made my day! I love compliments. :)

    Sure, I'll take free chocolate.

    I ate all of the whatchamacallits' faces. :)

    Just so freakin' adorable!

  9. Oh my goodness - too cute! It's like Lucky Charms cereal...but soup! Thanks for sharing on Tastespotting :) I'm glad I found your blog.

  10. Hillary,
    Thanks for commenting. I couldn't resist those little faces either!

  11. Wow, daring to eat 99% chocolate...you got some chutzpah. I love dark chocolate myself, but don't care to go above 85% (70% is my favorite).

  12. Hi Tom,
    I couldn't handle that 99%. I like 75% best myself.


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