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Friday, July 20, 2007

Feedable BBQ Buffet - Rowland Heights

Since we're on the subject of Korean barbecue, I've been meaning to post about Feedable BBQ Buffet in Rowland Heights. The name made me curious every time I passed by. I mean who thinks of this stuff? Feedable is like saying your food is eatable (edible)? But I had seen some pictures of the variety of meats available on BiggestMenu and one night lil' sis's best friend had a craving so off we went.

That $6.99 lunch special sign is a little misleading. It doesn't include the grill so no barbecue for that price. I forgot how much lunch cost, but dinner was $17.99.

It's a buffet so I had to make my own plate of panchan (Korean side dishes).

I got pickled daikon, spinach, bean sprouts, mushrooms, cucumber kimchee, daikon kimchee, napa cabbage kimchee, and raw crab kimchee. The raw crab kimchee is pretty rare since crab is rather pricey. You basically bite into it and suck out all the meat. Sooo good. And I since I rarely see this, it was definitely worth savoring.

I also got a small selection of buffet items such as dynomite mussels, corn cakes, corvina fish, and dumplings. There's also the usual selection of fried rice and noodles but I'm not filling up my belly with the cheap stuff!

I grabbed some rice noodle sheets and daikon slices to wrap around our meats.

Dried squid and little fishies. These are great for snacking.

I had to make my own sauce too. I added some fermented bean paste and chili paste.

Our first plate of meats included chicken gizzards, octopus, beef hearts, lamb and beef brisket.

Pork and beef ribs, bulgogi, spicy bulgogi, and pork belly.

Not so great selection of sushi.

An egg custard soup was brought to our table.

And now we were finally ready to start grilling and eating.

On the grill galbi (short ribs), octopus, bulgogi, lamb, beef heart, chicken gizzards, pork belly, spicy pork bulgogi.
I thought the variety and quality of the meat and panchan was very good. The meats were well-marinated, the panchan was fresh, there's a decent selection of cooked buffet items. The only downside is that dessert selection consisted of Jello and fruit.

But I realized, I'm just not a fan of the buffet dining experience anymore. And again, at $17.99 per person times 4 people, it's a little pricey. But maybe that's because two orders of meats at a non-buffet Korean barbecue restaurant has always been enough to feed 4 to 6 people when I go out. So Korean barbecue buffets are really only a good deal for 2 people or if you're going to eat many plates of meat. More than that, for the same amount of money, I'd rather go to a nice restaurant with table service.

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Feedable BBQ Buffet
18311 Colima Rd.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


  1. It is a little pricy, but it looks like you got your money's worth. The sushi and barbecue looks great and I didn't even know kimchee came in so many flavors. A classmate of mine is from South Korea amd had the whole class over for Korean barbecue -- I was so impressed. We had chive/egg pancakes, sushi-style rice, kimchee of some flavor and strips of Korean-style barbecue pork. I still think about that huge spread of food!

  2. Kelly,
    Kimchee comes in more flavors than that if you can believe it. I love all the banchan, makes me feel like I'm eating a feast every time.


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