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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Guess Where I've Been?

Happy Independence Day everyone! I'm back! Apologies for the lack of updates, it was a busy couple of weeks. Give me a minute to catch up on your emails and comments, and to visit your blogs too! I'll be retroactively updating my blog until I'm all caught up. Don't worry, the wait is worth it. And in the case of restaurant revisits with new food photos, do ya'll want to see the pictures anyway? In the meantime, can you guess where I've been and what I've been eating?
Vietnamese Wedding Preparations and Ceremony 1
Vietnamese Wedding Preparations and Ceremony 6
Brodard Restaurant - Garden Grove (Little Saigon) 10
Seol Ak San - Stanton 9
Grand Canyon West Rim - Hualapai Nation - Peach Springs - Arizona 22
Updated to say: Well, since everyone so easily guessed Vegas, darn it, my Eiffel Tower picture didn't fool you at all... I did this too!


  1. You have been to Los Vegas and Grand Canyon ;) ... I think you tried one of those eggs that has a baby chick developing inside. You are gutsy to try it. You also had some crab I think :)

  2. WC, you almost had me with that Eiffel tower pic;)

    And did you try balut! That's the one Filipino delicacy that I will not try.

  3. He-he-he...Balut! I'm glad you are well WC, I was about to send out a search party....

  4. Brodard for one...Annnnd some sort of Viet crawfish place...and of course, ugh, balut....

    and Vegas!

    you've been everywhere!

  5. Yay I'm glad you're back! I hope you had a great time in Vegas. I got married there last November :)

    Is the 6th picture down balut?

    PS - I'm making some of your goi cuon today! Wish me luck :D

  6. I'm glad you're back. I was starting to get worried. The Eiffel Tower picture fooled me. Happy Independence Day (if you celebrate it)!

  7. VEGAS!? you coulda fooled me!!

    also where did you get those fries because they are making me drool!

  8. Oooo, Vegas! Vegas=allyoucaneatbuffets! mmmmm. Hehe!

  9. Must be damned bloody hot in Vegas, isn't it? And you sky-dive? :p
    The buffet breakfast at "Paris" is quite good- did you try it? I remember taking many plates of that cakes-desserts in another buffet table-can't remember where!!

  10. Hey, that banh tom looks pretty good! Welcome back :-)

  11. a wedding and vegas! :D skydiving too cool. :D

  12. You know if I was there with you at the Vegas buffet- we'd eat the entire restaurant up and down! You and I would be there 4 hours later and still eating

  13. Cooking Ninja,
    I didn't fool you at all!

    Balut aka hot vit lon is a VNese delicacy too!

    Aw, thanks for being worried!

    Yup, yup, yup, and yup!

    Did you have Elvis walk you down the aisle? ;) Yup, it's balut aka hot vit lon. So how did the goi cuon come out?

    Yay! I fooled someone! :P

    Those are sweet potato fries. And I'll take you next time you're in town!

    Buffet. Burp!

    It was sweltering! And it was my first time sky diving! I wanted to try Paris breakfast buffet but didn't have time. :(


    No one else mentioned the wedding!

    Don't encourage me woman! I was there for about 3 hours I think!


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