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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup

Updated from the archives, July 26, 2014:

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup 1

C'mon admit it, I know someone out there must have used hot dogs in their fried rice a time or two. :) Heck, I've even used bologna when I didn't have any other ready meats on hand.

But hey, when free bounty lands on my front porch, I heartily accept. Recently I was contacted by Britt McColl, who does public relations for Hoffy Extra Lean Beef Franks. She said, "Hoffy has developed a new way to make their famous, great-tasting beef franks using only lean beef without any fat trimmings. The result? Eighty percent less fat than other premium beef hot dogs. That’s about 2 grams of fat for a typical 45-gram serving versus 13 grams of fat in competing premium beef hot dogs."

Hmm. Low cal hot dogs didn't sound very appealing. But Hoffy's supplies Pink's hot dogs in case you didn't know. I have to admit, I've never actually eaten at Pink's. *Gasp.* I know! The shame! But I've at least heard of Pink's. I might live in SoCal but I like, totally (insert hair flipping here) don't consider myself a SoCal girl. As if! ;)

So I said yes to the offer of free hot dogs and this package was delivered to my door.

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup 3

Here's the nutritional information since that's their big sell.

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup 4

Incidentally, I checked several other hot dog brands at the grocery store for comparison and a regular hot dog really is at least double if not triple the calories. Who knew? So if you're counting calories or fat grams, this might be for you.

Taste-wise? It did taste leaner, if you will, than other hot dogs, but nothing that screams low cal. Being as how I'm not a hot dog expert, I'd say the only thing I really noticed was that it didn't plump up nearly as much and there was no snap to the casing. But in all honesty, I rarely buy hot dogs because of how bad they are for you, and when I do, I buy the cheapest brand. Hmm. Wonder if this changes my hot dog buying habits?

Anyway, since I didn't have any hot dog buns on hand, and just subbing hot dogs for lap xuong (Chinese sausage) in my usual fried rice is rather unimaginative, I remembered this picture on Biggest Menu of French-fried rice and decided to create a fried rice recipe that played up the perfect hot dog pairing - ketchup. ;)

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup 2

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup

For about 2 to 4 servings, you'll need:
2 cups of cooked day-old rice
4 or however many hot dogs you'd like, sliced
3 eggs, scrambled or use my scrambled egg omelet technique
1/3 cup ketchup or however much you'd like

In a wok on high heat, saute hot dog slices until golden. Move the hot dogs to the side of the wok and add 2 to 3 eggs into the center and scramble them up (like so).

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup 5

Gently slide your spoon underneath the eggs while tilting the wok until everything is scrambled.

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup 6

Add rice and mix thoroughly. Add lots and lots of ketchup to your liking.

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup 7

This was surprisingly tasty. The ketchup actually blended in well and was absorbed by the rice. Although it didn't end up as red as I wanted (I added a lot of ketchup), it has a pretty nice color, doesn't it?

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup 8


And let's take a look at the old photo for comparison's sake. Not as bad as some of my early pictures, but much better angles with the new batch.

Fried Rice with Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Ketchup 9

Who made my recipe for fried rice with hot dogs?
Hedgehog of Diary of a Novice Cook combined this with my recipe for Fried Rice with Kimchee and Spam and said, "This dish is handy for Friday night when your fridge is likely to be empty (or when you're skint at the end of the month and you have to make do with what you have in the cupboard)."

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  1. Yes yes yes! My dad used to make this for us kids. I remember his making it while we were in Guam (getting processed before coming to the US). I remember thinking that it was kinda cool the red sauce wasn't spicy!

  2. Hot dogs will work in a pinch but real old-school fried rice demands nothing less than that beautiful meat byproduct known as SPAM!

  3. Canned Vienna sausages from Costco work well with fried rice too;)

  4. Hi WC - That fried rice looks exactly like what my Mom would make when I was a kid.....I think I need to run out to the market right now....

  5. You are a genius. I need to make this for the kids. They would suck ketchup straight from the bottle if I let them

  6. Wooo...I'm one of those that will add sausages to my fried rice too. :p

  7. LOL!! hahaha! I thought the link was for fried rice tossed with french fries! I was SO SO SO excited...and then ultimately disappointed.

  8. Nikki,
    Haha! Evidently this is more common than I thought. Oh! You're a 75-er! I'm a boat kid.

    Yup, I've done the Spam thing many a time too.

    Vienna sausages! How ghetto! ;)

    Don't tell me this started a craving!

    Haha! Yeah, when I first saw the title for French-fried rice I was thinking along the same lines. We still never did figure out what exactly made it French.

    Of course you would, b/c we have the same tastebuds. ;)

  9. wonderful blog, that fried rice looks delish!

  10. yup i've cookied fried rice w/ ketchup before. but i don't know about hot dogs. :) i love hot dogs though.

  11. I've actually made this before! My finished product wasn't as good looking as yours, however. Still, hot dogs and ketchup rocks for fried rice. I was also thinking about adding mustard...

    By the way, do you get many offers to endorse or try foods?

  12. Isha,

    Haha! I would have thought the ketchup addition is a novelty, but apparently everyone does it.

    Nah, this was my first freebie. My blog doesn't get nearly as much traffic as the big ones. Did it sound like I was endorsing? I was mainly pointing out the low cal aspect for those who cared about that stuff.

  13. My wife, a Filipino, has been making this for the family for years. In fact, that is what I am eating as I type. Not fried rice though. Just white rice, a hot dog, and BBQ sauce. It tastes great!

  14. R0ck,
    Barbecue sauce is great. I prefer it as fried rice myself.

  15. I love this idea! I had a similar recipe of fried hot dogs and fried rice with eggs but never all together but I can't wait to try it:)

  16. Tia Marie,
    Ha! Well, it's nice to see this old post still gets some play. It's a kid-friendly recipe for sure.

  17. Oh yeah I'm quite familiar with ketchup fried rice :) '75er right here - we make the best ghetto food! I think the hot dogs are a great touch

  18. Karen,
    How do you think Korean army base stew got invented! Gotta use up whatcha got! Besides hot dogs and ketchup naturally go together.


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