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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Vua Kho Bo (New Jerky Mfg. Inc.) - San Gabriel

My cousin wanted to get some beef jerky and other assorted dried goods to bring back to Norway. So we headed off to my favorite market, the San Gabriel Superstore, and one of my favorite beef jerky shops, Vua Kho Bo (beef jerky king). Although their English name is listed as New Jerky Mfg. Inc. Hmm. Go figure.

This location is actually inside the superstore, near the San Gabriel Boulevard entrance. Turn left, it's right before Yum Cha Cafe.

It's in an open area and you can see the bins of dried beef, squid, and fish. The workers have always been very nice and readily give free samples for you to try every product. Just don't sample and not buy, OK?

There's lots of assorted candies and dried and pickled olives, plums, mangoes, etc.

The food is placed into a bag from the bottom, then sealed so they're perfect for gifts as it's nicely packaged. I forgot what all I bought for my cousin to take back that day. She had already packed everything away before I could take a picture of the packaging so I went back the other day to buy some beef jerky for myself and to show you what it looks like, of course. The things I do for my readers. :P

I bought some beef jerky (on the left) and deer jerky (on the right). Both are $18 a pound. Ouch! But it's high quality jerky. There's at least half a dozen kinds of beef jerky, but my favorite is simply marinated in soy sauce with dried chili flakes. The deer jerky has a sweeter flavor, more reminiscent of pork jerky. Anyway, this will be used in a recipe that I'll post later. Lil' sis ate all the rest of the beef jerky. It's addictive!

And dried mangoes are $8 a pound.

The lady also gave me a free Soda Xi Muoi (Vietnamese Preserved Plum Drink). They normally sell for $1. Sooo refreshing on a hot day. On my previous visit, we got a handful of peanut sesame candies. Yum!

Also, since I was at the superstore, I stopped by and snapped this photo of jackfruit for my brother's college friend who went on a fruitless search for fresh jackfruit to bring back to Boston. We went to three different supermarkets and just days after he left, the superstore had them back in stock.

Vua Kho Bo (New Jerky Mfg. Inc.), several locations
(Inside the San Gabriel Superstore)
1635 S. San Gabriel Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA 91776


  1. Mmm, samples are yummy. And that sour plum drink does look like just the thing for a hot day.

  2. The beef jerky looks really hard and tough :O

  3. i wish i could go to this place for beef jerky. i wonder if they have a place selling it online. it looks so good.

  4. i dont like the jerky there. i tried them all and most were spicy.

    jackfruit taste like durian ew! i prefer canned.


  5. Kelly,
    The drink was so satisfying. :)

    It's sliced really thin and it's the dry kind. They have softer kinds of beef jerky too but I like this best.

    I'm sure you can call and ask if you place an order on your credit card whether they'd mail it to you.

    I like spicy!


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