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Monday, November 20, 2006

Turnips and Turkeys

So this weekend I hit the farmer's market and bought a bunch of turnips for $1. You know turnip tops are edible? I like to saute them with olive oil and garlic. But anyway, I decided to try Mmm-yoso's turnip cake recipe, except I used actual turnips. How was it? Mmm. The hardest part was shredding the turnips. The recipe was super easy. Also, since I was a bit impatient to wait for it to cool down before I could fry it, I put it in the fridge to speed it up. My brother and sister said it tasted just like what we get at the dim sum restaurants. Hmph! For homemade, I wanted something that was better than what I could get in a restaurant. ;) Anyway, it's Thanksgiving in a few days. I've got two 18-lb birds brining in the fridge. I'm trying this roast salted turkey recipe. The other bird has a Apple Juice and Red Wine Turkey Brine. Not sure how they'll turn out.
Orange Juice Brown Sugar Turkey Brine
Last year I made two 13-lb turkeys. And they were picked clean. One had a Rosemary Olive Oil Turkey Marinade. The other had a Butter, Maple, Orange Juice Turkey Marinade. Both turned out quite moist and flavorful. The trick is to slide your hands underneath the skin to create pockets to hold extra marinade. Constant basting isn't required. The last half hour of cooking is when the marinade thickens into a sauce. When the sauce is thickened is when you can baste it over the turkey so it glazes easily. But for a moist, flavorful turkey, it's all about the brine and the Orange Juice Brown Sugar Turkey Brine worked really well.

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