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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Little Red Houses and Apple Trees

I finished this quilt block this morning. This is my own design.

I kept trying to think of something to use up some of my buttons. And I love these apple buttons that belonged to a shirt I wore as a child.

There's a homeyness to making applique quilts because I'm using up fabric from clothes or various other projects. The roof and chimney are the bottoms of pants because I have to hem all my pants.

Actually, I really shouldn't be working on this as I have no time right now. I'll need to make 10 of these for a crib-size quilt. I'm interspersing it with blank blocks to cut down on the number of blocks I would need to applique.


  1. I normally read your food/travel/photo posts, but stumbled across these quilt ones.

    All the quilts you've posted are adorable. You all have made some cute stuff! I love that you used buttons and material from your clothes, too. Makes me wish I'd have saved stuff like that. What great memories!

  2. Cheryl,
    Thanks! One of my cousins sent me pics of a really cute one she made recently that I'll have to post soon.


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