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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Angelface Roses, Lettuce, and Strawberry Blossoms

My Angelface rose bush looking quite lovely. My roses are really overgrown. Weeds are everywhere. Need rain to soften the hard-packed clay so I can weed my garden.
Below is the view of my side garden where my herb garden is located. There's a white and yellow Lady Fairbanks climbing roses on each side of the trellis. I thought they were both white when I bought them. And so few plants take to clay soil that I decided to leave them be instead of trying to color coordinate. The rose bush in front is my Ambassador rose. I love its melony color.
There were so many rocks in our yard that I made a "rock riverbed." There's cement slabs to make a meandering walking path with Irish moss in between. At the end of the trail is a makeshift bench with another trellis where I've planted some wisteria.
The herb garden includes half a dozen rose bushes, a lilac, a papaya tree, tomatoes, sorrel, lettuce, leeks, parsley, chile pepper, apple and spearmint, Vietnamese coriander, perilla, lavender, rosemary, curry plant, rose-scented geranium, hollyhocks, nasturtiums, tuberoses, chrysanthemums, Siam tulips, passionfruit, and strawberries.
I ventured into my garden to pick lettuce to add to the bagged baby lettuce salad I was serving for Thanksgiving dinner. Sad crop, eh? I used a whole envelope of seed and this was all I got. The crickets ate everything this year. One of the nice aspects to Southern California weather is a second crop of strawberries in late November.


  1. In addition to thoroughly enjoying your WanderingChopsticks blog, hello from Nova Scotia, just above Maine, in Canada, zone 6 (gardening).I am an accomplished rose grower, and grow all the hardy "Peace" roses first Hybridized by a Dr. Brownell from the New England area in the 50's, and most of his other great roses as well, i.e. Charlotte Brownell, Dr. Brownell as well as many others.Ironically, I also bought a bouganvillia plant (same colour)this year, which are so beautiful and everywhere in Cuba (the forbidden land for you-too bad!lol)Now in my basement for winter.Keep up the great blogs and check out the other Brownell roses!Perhaps give you Mom one, if she lives in the US!

  2. Frank,
    Aww, thanks! Good luck on the bougainvillea. My mom loves the flowers too but find them difficult to grow in Oregon. My mom has quite a rose garden already, but I have propagated some of mine to pass on to her.


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