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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Work in Progress

My current project is a scarf.

I only crochet scarves. And occasionally beanie hats. I can't learn from patterns. I mean, I know ch stands for chain, and dc stands for double crochet, and etc., but I really only learn with someone instructing me and fixing my errors as I go along. I learned the basics of crocheting when I was 8-years-old. I've taught myself a simple shell pattern. That's my only other variation.

But I was inspired by Bella Dia, who was inspired by Green Kitchen, who was inspired by Yarnstorm.

I initially tried this yarn in a shell pattern. But the colors were too busy. So I unraveled and decided to keep it simple.

The best part? I got two skeins of this color in a bag of seven other yarns for only $1.25 at the local thrift store. So I grabbed the whole lot. That's nearly two dozen large skeins of yarn (mostly acrylic but who's complaining when it's so cheap?) for $4. Hmm, which means I have enough random yarn colors to attempt an afghan actually...

I'm thinking of making a matching beanie with pompoms too. But we'll see.

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