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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gratuitous Picture of Heirloom Bell Peppers

Homegrown Heirloom Bell Peppers
Gorgeous aren't they? I harvested these from my garden yesterday. All that's missing from this color combination are my brown and purple bell peppers. I bought a $2 six-pack of these heirloom bell peppers from Lowe's in the spring. These were the small seedling packs and the plants grew to about a foot to two feet each. This is the third such harvest I've gotten from this batch. Should I eat them plain? Roast them and save them for pasta? Make them into a salad? I've done all three and am not quite sure what to do with this batch yet.


  1. amazing!! :D Your fingers are sooo greeen and I am so envious of the huge harvest here :D

    I have heard of purple bell peppers but brown? woah! I got to find me some of these heirloom bell pepper seeds!

  2. Wiffy,
    Let me know if you want some seeds and I can share. Although, I don't think I collected any of the brown bell pepper seeds. I don't remember liking the taste too much. They weren't as sweet as the red or orange ones. I only saved seeds of the peppers I liked. :P


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