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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stinging Nettle Tea

Stinging Nettle Tea 1

After going through all that trouble of plucking stinging nettles, I wanted more than just one recipe out of it. So I set aside some of the leaves and brewed them to make tea.

Stinging nettle tea tasted like any other herbal tea, maybe with a slight vegetal taste. Not something I would crave unless I was in the mood for feeling healthy.

Stinging Nettle Tea 2

Stinging Nettle Tea

For one pot of tea, you'll need:
Handful of stinging nettle leaves, carefully washed and plucked

You could dry the leaves and save them to brew later, but I used fresh nettle leaves for my pot of tea.

Stinging Nettle Tea 3

And ummm, you do know how to brew a pot of tea, don't you? :)

Stinging Nettle Tea 4

Like my mismatched Wedgwood tea cup set? Well, the plate is Wedgwood, the cup was a remarkably similar color so if you don't look too closely, it works as a set. Both were thrift store finds.

Stinging Nettle Tea 5

Other tea recipes:
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