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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Traditional and Piggy Mooncakes

Isn't it so cute?

Pig Mooncake 1

I forgot that I had taken these moon cake pictures last year and since it's Mid-Autumn Moon Festival time again, figured I might as well share.

I was buying groceries at Asia Supermarket - Alhambra when I saw this gaily-wrapped piggy mooncake. Made a perfect gift for Gourmet Pigs. (Shhh! It was only $2.49.)

Pig Mooncake 2

I think it was filled with lotus paste? I didn't eat it so I can't remember.

I much prefer the seed and nut-filled ones. The one below is more traditionally-shaped. Can you believe it's homemade?!


Ha! Not made by me. One of my students' dad made it and gifted me with several of them.

My mom does make her own dried fruit and nut mooncakes though. I just haven't learned how yet.

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  1. hi, I had one of the piggy mooncakes recently and they have a lotus bean paste. I quite liked it. I bought a tiger one a while back and it had nuts in it too. I think I like both. Actually, I haven't met a mooncake I didn't like!!

  2. Wow, that piggy mooncake is so cute! Lotus paste sounds wonderful too. I've never had a mooncake but I am seeing SO many gorgeous photos of them and it's making me want one so bad! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Mooncakes are crazy-expensive here. Or maybe I;m just cheap. ;) I'm surprised such a cute one was only $2+!

  4. Deb,
    I like the nuts more. Too bad I didn't see any tiger ones or I would've bought one for my niece!

    I know! How could I resist buying it?

    What's crazy expensive? I've never bought any of the normal kind since my aunts and uncles usually give me one or two, which is just enough for me.


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