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Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Little Sister's Quilt and a Work in Progress

After I finished my apple tree quilt, my little sister immediately snuggled underneath, rubbed her hands over the flannel bits, and just nested. That's why I make quilts. My little sister then insisted, several times, that I show off her quilt. She made this when she was in high school. It's a Chinese Sunbonnet Sue pattern we modified from Sunbonnet Sue Patterns.
My Little Sister's Quilt and a Work in Progress 1
Here's a close-up. Cute huh? Sooo cute. So ooh and aah accordingly and I'll pass along compliments to her. :)
My Little Sister's Quilt and a Work in Progress 2
I've only made three quilts. All smaller lap quilts. So I like to leave them on my sofa and armchair for snuggling underneath when I'm watching TV or reading. So cozy. I don't much care for mustard yellow, browns, and other dark colors that are popular in country-style quilts. Most patterns are just too complicated for me. I like using up my scraps, which come from hemming various pants or covering photo albums. I love working with the small floral prints in calico. I like to vary textures and add in velvet or flannel. I gravitate toward pastels, mainly blue, pink, and lavender. But some fabrics make quilting just so much fun. Like this Parisville print from Michael Miller below. If I ever go to Paris again, I'll use it to cover my photo album. And then use the leftovers for a quilt. But for now, I just like looking at it.
My Little Sister's Quilt and a Work in Progress 3
This sushi print is leftover from pajama pants I made years ago.
My Little Sister's Quilt and a Work in Progress 4
I made dim sum pajama pants too.
My Little Sister's Quilt and a Work in Progress 5
Are those the best fabrics or what? I've got enough pieces left over between the sushi and dim sum prints, that if I interspersed them with another fabric, I could make another quilt. I chose a cream-colored solid fabric with some flowers embroidered on it that's neutral enough the sushi and dim sum prints will stand out. But this project has been languishing for years so it may remain a work in progress for quite a while.


  1. I wanna learn how to quilt!

    Cat thinks I've gone 'round the bend.

    - Chubbypanda

  2. Haha! CP,

    If you seriously want to start, I'll teach you. I just do straight lines and sew by hand so it's super simple. Takes a while but I can't figure out sewing machines. The best part is picking fabrics you enjoy looking at and touching while you're working.

  3. very very cute. your picture does not do the quilt justice!!

  4. how come no one will comment on my quilt? =( i love it! but i love yours much more

  5. aww, Sweetie, I love your quilt. And Tania does too!


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