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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Apple Tree Quilt

Presenting: my Apple Tree Quilt. This took about three weeks to complete. Sporadic applique for the first two weeks. 100 percent handmade. No machine piecing for any of it. So this week was spent exhaustively piecing it all together. It was worth it though because some of my strips weren't quite lined up. By sewing it by hand I could pinch in a bit of the lavender gingham so it ended up relatively even. I only had enough of my apple buttons for the first patch so I used red buttons for the rest. I had the cutest flower buttons for the window boxes too. And by interspersing the little house and apple tree patches with plain ones, cut down on the amount of applique I would need to do. I also liked this effect because each appliqued patch stands out more. I put a lot of work into each patch so darn it they better be noticed! Go here if you want to see a close-up of each appliqued patch. I'm not sure I like the terrier lavender flannel. At the time I was thinking little houses needed little doggies. Oh well, it's done. This is a crib-sized quilt so approximately 45 by 60 inches, a nice size for a lap quilt. I lined the back with lavender flannel and it was sooooo soft and comfy to work with that I fell alseep with it over me when I was basting. Summer is too hot to work with fabrics but winter is perfect for quilting. And yes, I sign my initials into the lower right corner like all artwork. ;)


  1. That does look like a lot of work to applique all the houses and trees, but it is so pretty, that it looks like it is worth it. Great job!

  2. You make me want to quilt. I'm a guy who can barely darn a sock and you make me want to quilt.

    Nicely done.

    - Chubbypanda

  3. Hi Shelina,

    Thanks for the compliment. Only another quilter knows how much work goes into making one.


    Hey, I can't darn a sock. I just throw them out when they get holes so you're ahead of me. :)


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