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Monday, December 18, 2006

Roughcut of Sushi/Dimsum Quilt

I laid out my quilt blocks to get a sense of what it'll look like. Not bad.

I can't do math so I used to just guesstimate how many blocks I could get from a fabric. Not such a good strategy when I'm using fabrics I got from thrift stores so there's no way I can run back to the store and get more if I run out. Case in point. Those longer side blocks? I needed 97 of them. I cut 90. Then with lots of strips about 1 to 2 inches wide, I managed to cobble together the remaining seven. But it's not gonna be a pretty sight.

So either be good at math, or use an online quilt calculator like lazy old me. :)

For a closer look at the fabric prints, click here.


  1. Hi WC - The quilt looks really cute!

  2. WC!!! or should i say "CB."

    I thought quilting was something for grandmas but reading your blog has left me feeling so inspired!! please give me tips on how to get started when i see you tomorrow. now i have something to do over winter break!

  3. Hi Kirk,

    Sadly, I haven't done anything with the quilt since cutting the pieces.


    How's your quilt coming along?


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