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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bougainvillea, Gladiolus, and Chicago Peace Rose

What's blooming in December? Not much. My garden is looking very unkempt. It's a sad state when some of the weeds are taller than my trees. Granted my fruit trees are only about 3-4 feet tall but still... Anyway, my bougainvillea is growing like gangbusters up my gazebo. It was about 2 feet tall when I bought it last fall.
Bougainvillea, Gladiolus, and Chicago Peace Rose 1
I've got one gladiolus blooming from bulbs I planted in the spring. Some mold had gotten into the bulbs so I wasn't sure if any were viable so I'm happy I've got at least three.
Bougainvillea, Gladiolus, and Chicago Peace Rose 2
My chili plant sure is pretty. It's quite spicy too.
Bougainvillea, Gladiolus, and Chicago Peace Rose 3
This mandevilla vine was planted by my mom when she came to visit last summer. It's growing like gangbusters too. In front, is a Chicago Peace hybrid tea rose also planted by my mom. Tea roses are the types often used for bouquets because they have long straight stems and very large blooms.
Bougainvillea, Gladiolus, and Chicago Peace Rose 4
As you can see below, I'm trying to train my other mandevilla to grow up my drain pipe. The Ramblin' Red climbing roses have stopped blooming. The only other bit of color are the red geraniums I have in terra cotta pots in front of my entrance.
Bougainvillea, Gladiolus, and Chicago Peace Rose 5
This is a close up of my Peace hybrid tea rose. Also planted by mommy. Can you tell which color combos we like best? Mom likes pink and yellow. I plant red and fuchsia.
Bougainvillea, Gladiolus, and Chicago Peace Rose 6
A small branch of my bougainvillea broke off while I was trying to train it around the gazebo. So I put the flowers in a small vase. The thin petals are rather crepe paper-like. Hence, their name in Vietnamese is bong giay (Vietnamese paper flower). Heh, we're so imaginative.
Bougainvillea, Gladiolus, and Chicago Peace Rose 7


  1. where did you get that wooden latter on the gutter spout in the photo for the Ramblin' Red?

  2. Hi Jeremy,
    It was a discard from a house people were cleaning out. I have no idea what it was originally used for but it fit the drain pipe perfectly. I added rope to the ladder and tied it to the top of the gutter spout and the mandevilla was able to climb to the roof.


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